The Good News About Vaccine Side Affects


Taina Lee, Writer

greenmoney Many people today are suffering from harsh and draining side effects after getting the Covid-19 vaccine shot. But, recent studies show that having those side effects may be signs that the vaccine is working the way it should be. In a recent article by CNN, it talks about the side effects people may get after the vaccine shows that your immune system is actually working the way it is supposed to. The article also explains that we get these side effects because the vaccine is very potent in inducing an immune response.  


The article also mentions an interview with Yasir Baltavi, a volunteer who the vaccine was tested on, and his response to the Moderna trial vaccine. In the interview, Baltavi encourages everyone to get vaccinated because the benefits from the outcome can greatly outweigh the side effects patients may get after being treated. He also mentions how if not enough people get the Covid-19 vaccine then we’ll never reach herd immunity. 


In another article by New York Times, it talks about how people who were previously diagnosed with Covid may have stronger reactions and more side effects after their first does than people who have not had Covid. It also mentions that an analysis from the first 13.7 million Covid-29 vaccines doses given to Americans found that the side effects were more common in women like anaphylaxis, which is a reaction to an antigen or life-threatening allergic reactions.  


Another study also found that nearly over three decades, women accounted for 80% of all adult anaphylactic reactions to vaccines. This happens because women have two copies of X chromosomes. Studies also show that every day, nearly 3 million people in the US are getting the Covid-19 vaccine but 1 in 5 patients reported no reaction after the second shot. Taking a pain reliever before receiving the vaccine, like most people do, could blunt your body’s immune system.  


Also, having side effects after receiving the vaccine could also mean that our bodies are already familiar with the virus. In an article by WSBTV, it mentions how people who have had the virus are more likely to have side effects from the first shot because they develop higher levels of antibodies after the first shot. Reports of side effects are not very common but the symptoms are proof that the shot is actually working. The vaccine is working and building up to revive our immune systems and fight off Covid. 


Lastly, in an article published by Mayo Clinic, it mentions how the first dose is the first time for our bodies to see the spike in protein that the Covid-19 vaccine produces as our bodies begin to produce an immune response. Our bodies are most likely to respond and react and give us general symptoms like headache, fever and achiness. We get these side effects because that means our bodies’ immune systems are reviving and reacting. No need to worry either, because post-vaccine symptoms are typically mild and resolve quickly without the use of medication or pain relievers.