COVID-19 Vaccine


Petelo Tafisi, Writer

A lot of people are wondering whether the vaccine is safe to take or not. There have been questions like “How did they come up with the vaccine this fast” or “Will it affect my health if I take the vaccine”. When thinking about Covid-19 and the many lives it has taken, there is no doubt that we want a vaccine, one that works so we won’t have to worry about the world wide pandemic, but there are always doubts and thoughts when a vaccine comes out- especially this fast. The flu vaccine is adjusted all the time, likely the Covid-19 vaccine will also be adjusted. Will it be mandatory to take the vaccine or would we have the choice to choose. I get the fact that the vaccine could be good for those who are of old age or have health issues to the point where catching the virus would be life threatening for them, but what about the people who are young and healthy or are Asymptomatic. Would they have to take the vaccine or would they have a choice, what if they didn’t want to, what if they didn’t feel like the vaccine is healthy for them? These are the questions people are thinking about when I hear about the vaccine.

What are they doing to make sure that there are no flukes to the Covid-19 vaccine? The world Health Organization came out with some articles saying that while the vaccine is out they are still doing a variety of tests to make sure that the vaccine can have more improvements, making the vaccine more effective and safe. “Like all vaccines, COVID-19 vaccines are going through a rigorous, multi-stage testing process, including large (phase III) trials that involve tens of thousands of people.” They are testing constantly to make sure that it will help us in the best way possible. So for those of you who do not trust the vaccine, there are still people who are trying to make the vaccine as safe as possible.

Now you may be wondering, “How are they testing to see if the vaccine works and what are they using to get the results?” Luckily the La Jolla Institute for immunology has clarified that they have been testing on things like animals to get the best results, the results they need so they can make sure that the vaccine is safe for us in the future. If it weren’t for scientists who worked on the vaccine like this would we ever get a vaccine? This goes to show how hard these scientists are working to create the best vaccine possible for this world wide pandemic. After hearing about the many deaths that were caused by Covid-19, we are in desperate need of a vaccine that would potentially help us. These websites are very useful in explaining the situation and how they are handling it. They are doing the best they can for a Covid-19 vaccine.

The vaccine helps in many ways. Chatham House talks about what the vaccine has done and how it helps your body build an immune system that can defend itself against Covid-19. How it can defend against the disease and how it may potentially help those especially people who are at high risk. They have learned these things after seeing people who have caught it and have recovered from it. The fight is in us explains how those who heal from Covid-19 heal and that their bodies build antibodies against the disease. Their immune system goes to work and creates these things to defend itself after having experienced Covid-19. They also talk about how people who have already had it can help the cause and have doctors research these antibodies so they can make the vaccine even greater. Different scientists from all over the world are improving this vaccine so it is safe for us to take.

Now, if you don’t feel safe about the vaccine that was created, what are you going to do? How are they going to convince you that the vaccine is safe if this didn’t already convince you?

Medical News Today explains how it is hard to get the results they need because people feel unsafe about the vaccine. They talk about needing volunteers to help make the vaccine grow and prosper, to help it reach its full potential. They are asking for people’s help so that they can make the best vaccine possible for the world. If they get more volunteers to help with this vaccine process we could potentially be looking at the normal America we are used to seeing. No masks, no social distancing and most of all no online school. I am convinced that this thing will help our country and the world and it would be a lot better if they kept improving on it.