The Negative Effects of Hot Cheetos

The Negative Effects of Hot Cheetos

Taina Lee, Health and Relationships writer

Most teenagers today come home from a long day at school and without even thinking twice, they open the pantry and tear into the orange and red Flamin’ Hot Cheetos bag. With their mouth on fire and their fingers covered in red powder, there is nothing more satisfying to the taste buds. But, of course many delicious and addicting snacks these days cause health issues especially this one. Recently, this snack has been known for causing gastritis which is inflammatory to the stomach lining caused by irritation. 


Many doctors’ concerns about the hot snack is that it causes many patients to have stomach issues due to the red food dye. In an article by, called “Flamin’ Hot Cheetos send kids to the ER and were even banned in some schools,” it talks about how many schools in the past year have banned the snack due to general “lack of nutrition.” The article also states that Hot Cheetos contain a lot of red dye which could eventually turn your stool red or orange if you eat a large amount of the snack. Due to this, many parents have rushed their child or teenager to the hospital in terror, assuming that they may have blood in their stool. In this article, many doctors have stated that they have treated patient after patient with gastritis caused by eating the hot snack. In an article by Buzzfeed, it talks about how people can react differently from eating Hot Cheetos. People who are more sensitive to spicy foods can aggravate symptoms already present than those who are not sensitive to spicy foods. But, they should still cut down on spicy foods if they strive for good nutrition.


Another way the snack can harm the body is by causing stomach ulcers. Stomach ulcers are sores that can develop on your stomach lining due to eating too much spicy foods. In an article by Valley Central, named “The Dangers of Hot Cheetos,” it talks about how patients were taken to the ER due to bleeding on both sides as well as abdominal pain that most likely comes from eating spicy foods. The article also states that the ingredients inside Hot Cheetos are damaging our insides.  The article also talks about how many doctors see patients coming into the hospital in ages ranging from 3-7 years old with gastritis, stomach ulcers and sometimes internal bleeding in some rare cases. According to Dr. Spinetti, Hot Cheetos are designed to make those who eat it addicted at a very young age so the company can continue to profit. Dr. Spinetti also discusses how the spiciness of the chips can release natural endorphins and can make you addicted to the snack. In another article by People, it talks about how the rapper Lil Xan was admitted to the hospital after eating Hot Cheetos due to stomach problems. Furthermore, the hot snack has zero nutrition and is packed with fat, salt, artificial colors and citric acid which all irritate your digestive tract. Doctors encourage that the best solution is to cut spicy foods and junk food out of a child’s diet.


Lastly, another way that the snack can harm your body is through your brain. In an article by CBS News, it talks about how the snack may create a brain response similar to what is seen in individuals who are addicted to illicit substances. Majority of people who have eaten this snack have complained of pain in their upper abdomen rising to their chests, due to the red peppers and spices contained in the snack. The article also warns people with a history of GERD or gastroesophageal reflux, to avoid Hot Cheetos because it can lead to a flare-up of their conditions.