Influencers Are People


Breanna Moore, Writer

I think we often feel like people idolize influencers especially if these influencers are easy to relate too. With this being said most people during the pandemic took to the internet for company whether it be on tik tok, youtube, twitch, ect. This can be a good thing but I feel like people often forget that influencers are people and that they have a strong influence on teens and children mainly. These people make conscious decisions such as going out during a pandemic.  This has been on of the most common occurrences during this time.

We need to find a middle ground between idiolizing and understanding. Now it goes without saying that people are people and make mistakes, but that is exactly the problem we look to these people so often that when they do make a mistake or do something intentional we act to be almost taken back by it even though its almost expected that some people are bound to do this. This is currently affecting younger kids more than us teens, but of course that doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect us to. The problem with this is that it can make your judgment clouded, we glaze over certain actions, we try to justify them even though we wouldn’t think to do this to a person we actually know. 

Its all a matter of perspective and how we can change that. It is a necessity to change how we view these people. They are not some all knowing being and not mentors, they are people, oftentimes younger people who don’t even have their own true grasp on the world yet.