The Year 2020


Carter Landeros, Writer

2020 may not have been the best year, but let’s think of some of the positives and some negatives. 

Starting with positives, we voted for a new president and vice president who are willing to fight for this country and people. While in quarantine, many people found new things to do like crafts,read more books, play more board games, etc. Moderna and Pfizer came out with a vaccine for COVID-19 and Dolly Parton helped with Moderna and Pfizer. This could be both a negative and a positive, but schools and some workplaces went online instead of in-person.

As for negatives, the pandemic caused businesses to be closed for months on end, The way our president handled the Native Americans dying from COVID and the Native Americans asking for supplies was not appropriate. The way he also handled the Black lives matter movement, which ended in violence and deaths of innocent people, was an extreme negative. Schools and businesses went online and they didn’t know how to react or cope with it. Kobe Bryant and his daughter Giana Bryant died in a plane crash. We lost Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Pancreatic Cancer. Congress tried to pass a $2000 stimulus check to America’s struggling families and did not succeed. The LGBTQ+ community lost lots of people to violence and some not to violence like the famous Drag Queen Chi Chi Devayne’s death doe to Pneumonia- she was just 34. One of Chi Chi’s quotes reads, “I’m a cheap queen, My name is Chi Chi Devayne and I don’t get ready, I stay ready.”

Even though 2020 might not been the best year just know that there are still years to come and many more things to accomplish and get past, so many new places to explore to, adventures to go on, wishes to come true, sports games to win, etc.