New vs Old Music

New vs Old Music

Tivinia Tonga, Writer

Music is a powerful thing whether we believe so or not, It’s something that brings us all together and helps us feel unity. Music can make us feel so many emotions! It can even bring us to performing actions along with it. Throughout the years, Music has evolved in multiple ways, some good and others simply just bad. 

In my opinion, I feel that music back in the day was better then the music that we have today! Back in the day’s we were able to sit back and kick it with NSYNC, Backstreet Boyz, Boyz 2 Men, Spice Girls, ABBA, Milli Vanilli, Bobby Brown, Madonna, The Jets All of these amazing artists! 

All of these artists are able to bring such memories not only to our elders and or parents, but including us as well! It is capable of being able to just bust our singing, listening to a natural singer and moving music.  Nowadays the music being put out in this generation is all about sex and drugs. It wasn’t how it used to be. Music used to be a “variety of genres”, Now it is just either POP, RAP, or weird techno music.

The artists today in our generation either do the music bid for attention (CLOUT) or they truly have a meaning about their music, but no one’s different. They all rap the same, speak the same thing, No one I have heard is truly telling a story through their music. 

Artists today don’t understand how to put a song out and really teach the younger generation that there is so much more in life than LOVE, HARDSHIPS, and DRUGS. If we are being honest here, get rid of the sob story and give us what we want to hear. OLD SCHOOL MUSIC over anything! Period.