Why People Do and Don’t Like Sports

Ronan Razak, Sports Writer

Have you as a non-sport fan ever wondered why people like sports?

Well as I did research into this topic, I found there are many theories and explanations to this question.  One possible explanation I found was more biological than the rest, Time magazine said that people may play sports because it’s like a proving ground of sorts, people go and compete and prove their skills.  Other people like sports fans themselves may say they have simpler reasons for liking sports such as boredom, getting behind a team, and to seek thrill and adventure.  Another reason that scientists found when they did a study on 100 children was that when children played sports they mostly did It to be with their friends or to get some exercise.  There are many reasons people enjoy sports.  

There are also many reasons people don’t enjoy sports.  Many people don’t enjoy sports and if you’re a sports fan and you wonder why people don’t like sports this article is also great for you.  As I was doing research I found that people mostly don’t like sports because they either find them boring or they just don’t like the physical activity.  Vigorous exercise can be hard and challenging for some people which is a big reason why people don’t like exercise.