How COVID-19 Impacted Life Positively and Negatively


Tivinia Tonga, Writer

The topic that I find very important today is “How COVID-19 impacted our life positively and negatively?”.  COVID-19 really came in and affected everyone and caused so many changes and challenges, but also gave us a light in life.  Some people have said that COVID has really affected their lives majorly and has impacted many lives personally. With COVID around schools, workplaces, public gatherings, different events all across the globe are on hold. Others that I have spoken with say that COVID has “though made things a little more hectic” but is “truly a blessing as well”. 

With everything going on, as much as people like to complain about it, I found that COVID is not full of negativity but has a light to it as well. Most work companies have transferred all employees to work from home, and most people are happy about that. They don’t have to get up as early, can do work right in the comfort of their own homes, and don’t have to stress over the work environment as much. Some people even had the chance for early retirement, and were able work a less complicated schedule. Though the economic fallout of jobs was a quarter (1/3) of the US we still have more than half of employed residents, which compared  to other countries is outstanding.  

Many people have had to put most of life’s personal events on hold, have had to social distance with other people such as friends, cousins, and or grandparents. They have had to have a “COVID BIRTHDAY”, and or celebrated with themselves only. Even with the social distancing between families, I felt that COVID was just another opportunity given to us to be better and improve our social skills. COVID helped bring more generosity and positivity to the world, it was more of cleanse for the world then how we initially view it.