Covid-19 and Sports

Petelo Tafisi, Sports writer

The big question people have been asking is what is going to happen with the pandemic and how will it affect something I love, something I’ve done all my life which is sports? How will we deal with this problem so that in the future we could still play sports? Will all of this die down next year or will we have to go through all this stress again next year? How will sports prosper at a time like this, during a world pandemic? How will we create a space where we are safe and also play sports, another thing we love? There are many questions on how sports will be dealt with during these times and if the pandemic will have a cure by the year 2021.

Since Covid-19 has hit there have been many changes to how we do things in life. Wearing masks which is now mandatory, disinfecting everything we touch, hand sanitizer and toilet paper literally going out of stock, all of these things have happened ever since Covid-19 hit the United States but what about sports? Going back to sports was very difficult for most, including me because I am also an athlete and a lot of things we normally did changed because of the global pandemic. First the masks canmake it hard to breath but it is manageable. Then the amount of people that can group up at a time. During these times we have had to split up in groups, position groups and different groups. We’ve had different times when we could go to the weight room or to the field. Rules like staying 6 feet apart or 10 feet after conditioning was just ridiculous to me and my teammates. The big question was if we had to social distance, how could we play a sport that involves contact, how could we play a game and still be safe?. Many questions were asked and the process was crazy.


Utah has decided to have all sports participants test at the beginning of the week to see if they are healthy to practice and play. If you tested negative then you were good to go but if you tested positive you would have to sit out. I’ve found that the Utah State Basketball team had to cancel their game against Weber because some of their teammates had tested positive. Utah and Arizona state’s football games have also been canceled because of the amount of positive cases on the Arizona State football team. So sports all depend on this test and if you have the virus or not. It depends on if you are positive or negative and this will create a safe environment for people who play sports.


Now what are some of the ways we can keep ourselves safe while participating in any type of sports? Do the rules still apply with people who play sports? Do they have to stay 6 feet apart or wear masks while playing the sport? All of these questions can actually be answered on TV when watching sports. Watching college ball and how they follow certain rules. How they test every week to keep teammates and other opponents safe while doing what they love. As of now they are handling things like pros and might be the safest way as well. They can improve but right now this is the best way for Covid-19 and sports to work.