Our Own Person



Maria Martinez, Writer

Body shaming is the process of  judging someone’s body based off of how they look or the size of their body and honestly it’s the worst. Body shaming others or even yourself isn’t good. Body shaming happens 94% of the time with teenage girls and 64% with teenage boys according to studies. People might do it just to be mean or just because they are jealous and try to make you feel bad. Most of the time it definitely gets to you and if it doesn’t get to you, you are one strong person because the majority of people that get body shamed take it real personal. But, who wouldn’t? It’s your body and not feeling comfortable in your own body is just the worst. 

Some people don’t understand that little comments they make about your body hurts. They might not realize it, because they think they are giving you compliments,however we take it personal and then start to rethink our appearance. It’s really hard to accept your body for how it looks because society has this ideal image that consists of the perfect body. For girls you will have to be skinny, but not TOO skinny, short with thick thighs and also have a little waist and big breasts with a pretty face and a nice smile. For guys you would have to be tall, muscular, pretty face and a nice smile as well.

People really don’t see how perfect a person can be without all of these things that society values and validates as attractive.Your appearance shouldn’t have to define who you are. You can have a pretty face but still have an ugly heart and a really ugly attitude making you just mean and selfish. We shouldn’t put other people down because you don’t have certain characteristics, get to know them they are amazing people too. We should start loving ourselves the way that we are because we are so much more than a body. We are human and while we all look different it’s a good thing because you’re your own unique person and we shouldn’t let other people tell us how we should look to be considered attractive.