Citizens at Work



Kathleen Hernandez Lopez, Opinion Writer

 Do citizens have a right to know of projects that can affect their well being and how can this new ruling of the 1970 National Environmental Policy Act affect citizens?The 1970 National Environmental Policy Act is a United States environment law that enhances the environment.

A huge problem we face in this country is when the government doesn’t put it’s citizens in the know of when and where there will be new changes to come. This act ensures that citizens have a right to make sure they can be as involved in their community as possible when new changes are being proposed.  

Trump has proposed a reform in the National Environmental Policy Act, to require the federal government to complete environmental reviews within two years. This is because the act is delaying projects like road construction up to seven years and overall isn’t beneficial for the community or the people involved in such projects. 

As of now, the Policy Act is trying to shorten the waiting time by 2 years instead of the 7-10 year wait. The times have changed and are still evolving so being able to promote awareness about this bill will make it possible for the progress of a lot of these projects to be done earlier than what they would be if the bill does not change. 

I view this Act as a form of progress in our society to make changes in the near future and to be able to come to terms with these changes. There are times when projects have deadlines and by being able to make a rational decision and not regret it. It makes it possible for projects to be done successfully and with effort. I know and believe that this change will have a positive outcome for our nation. 

Another view is the view of the community people. They want to be involved as much as they can with their community and it’s so great! What’s not great is the fact that these people are holding up these projects for so long and it’s hard on many, especially on finances. With the shortage of time for a decision, it will make it possible for everyone to discuss and move quickly with no hold back.