Why Do We Romanticise the 70’s & 80’s?

Why Do We Romanticise the 70’s & 80’s?

Lauren Shields

Looking around the halls of East High it is undeniable that fashion is repetitive. Jean jackets are everywhere, colorful windbreakers, bandanas and reeboks have made a comeback and you can’t walk a few steps without seeing a pair of classic doc martens or some Levi 501s. East High is packed with fashion that crosses cultures, breaks boundaries and reinvents the standard etire, therefore it’s no surprise that an era such as the 70’s and 80’s would come back into style. These decades are notorious for their celebration of individuality, and creativity that reimagined pop culture. It’s not just student fashion that reflects the past. The music preferences of our generation, although mixed with modern sounds, resemble the musical genius displayed in the golden age of music, the 70’s and 80’s.

It’s natural for trends to recur throughout time. Fashion and trend expert, Cicile Della Moda claims, “Cycles and recycles are a common thing in fashion and they happen in precise moments, usually every fifteen years. Always in different ways but nonetheless inspired to a particular era.” Interestingly enough, the 70’s and 80’s recent comeback rivals all other revitalizations before. These trends don’t seem to be gender or culture specific. The clothing from this era has been taken by our generation and reinvented. Quite literally. As a matter of fact, the inheritance of the 80’s and 70’s has proved beneficial for thrift shops and second hand stores. These businesses are thriving and are ultimately more environmentally friendly and give kids the opportunity to search through racks to find the piece that speaks to them. They can take this piece home and modernize it to fit their personal fashion. This trend has become widespread and is doing wonders for preventing fast fashion and promoting high quality clothing production that can last for “fifteen years” until it is fashionable once again. 

Music has a habit of following cycles as well and the music from the 70’s and 80’s is widely respected as one of the most revolutionary and culturally influential eras of music of all time. Recording artist Jesse Sterling Harrison claims “This decade featured a convergence of several powerful cultural fronts, bringing about a storm of creativity.” Music from that era is widespread and well known to this day. The impact that artists like George Micheal, Journey, Pink Flloyd, David Bowie, Micheal Jackson and hundreds of other legends have shaped the pop culture world that we know today. This distinct sound and creative energy has been revitalized in today’s music, with bands like The 1975, Tame Impala, The Bahamas, St. Lucia and Paperwhite have sounds that resemble that of the 70’s and 80’s. In addition, electronic music is trending and kids today, with access to technology, are making their own electronic beats and rhythms, giving way to a new generation of creators. 

There is no doubt that the past repeats itself and East High is a perfect example of this. Who knows, perhaps our generation could one day be the romanticized era that creates influential music and fashion.