RuPaul is going to be hosting Saturday Night Live


Carter Landeros

For the first time ever RuPaul will host an episode of “Saturday Night Live”.The entertainer is set to take the stage on 8H on February 8th, with Justin Beiber as the musical guest. SNL announced the news as they normally do sharing a photo of their office bulletin board on social media. The show also announced JJ Watt and Luke Combs, respectively.

The singer and producer, and mother of all drag queens will be promoting his new Netflix show “AJ and The Queen” The star whose full is RuPaul Charles, is also the host and executive producer of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” a show in which drag queens compete in fashion and lip syncing competitions to earn the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar. RuPaul is also known for bringing drag into the mainstream in the early 1990’s. In an interview with CBS This Morning “he said making drag “acceptable” is not what he set out to do. Who is accepting them? Drag is naughty. Drag is not politically correct. ”He said Honestly, I don’t want to have it be acceptable. Drag is dangerous. It’s political, It’s funny,It breaks all the rules .And that’s what makes it exciting”. 

RuPaul is the only first-timer to host SNL this season. Eddie Murphy who was a cast member on the show in the 1980s returned in December to host the late night comedy show. Upcoming guest JJ Watt has never hosted a show before either. The football star will take on the challenge the night before the super bowl. Adam Driver will take the SNL stage on January 25th. He’s a third time host. SNL has flirted with Drag Race before taking it on several sketches but this will be RuPaul’s first appearance on the show. Who knows if he’ll do sketches as RuPaul the man or RuPaul the drag queen, but hopefully both versions of him will have decent screen time. Get stoked for his monologue because it’s going to be out of this world. 

Backing up Rupaul is Justin Beiber as the musical guest. Love him, or hate him he’s an incredible performer and there are few men who could pair as easily with Rupaul as Beiber. In all it’s going to be a hell of a show. But what we need is a Trump meets RuPaul sketch. Who wouldn’t love to see the administration competing in his Drag Race? Will Alec Baldwin be around this week? If so we’re lucky. Last summer Baldwin said he was finished doing his iconic role. He was tired of doing it. But thanks to Lorne Michaels convincing he returned so we all get to enjoy his comedic impressions of Trump. While his impressions are not everyone’s cup of tea everyone has to say that he does have talent and it is funny to watch. This episode will definitely be a game changer as RuPaul will be the first drag queen to host the show and will be interesting to watch as we will see if Alec Baldwin will do any impressions of Trump as he just got acquitted of his impeachment charges. All in all SNL will be hilarious to watch as always!