Anacondaz – My children will not get bored

Anacondaz - My children will not get bored

Vasilii Zhorin

Anacondaz is one of the most popular and important Russian rock-rap-punk band that got from typical underground hip-hop bands with blend and mediocre production, and even more mediocre lyrics, to big names in the genre. I became their fan after listening to their fifth studio album called “Marry me”, which was a mix of punk and alternative rap. Lyrics were funny and thought provoking, especially in songs like “Angel”, “Look at me” and  “I hate”. Now Anacondaz have released their brand new ( December 5th 2019) EP called “My children will not get bored”, which is besides being a fine album is actually a concept album with overarching themes of: violence of the government towards people, drug abuse, depression, and love/break up . All of the stories that album tells are neatly tied together by interludes “My Children Will Not Get Bored”, “Good Trip” and “New Shelter”.


My Children Will Not Net Bored

“My Children Will Not Get Bored” and the following track “Make ‘em All Die” tells the story of a mother getting her daughter prepared for going to the concert with her friends. “Make ‘em All Die” spends just a few seconds on the story, for the majority of the track lyrics bring up themes of corrupt government of Russia, cruel methods of control over the people, and censorship online by certain organizations.

Overall experience of the track was very pleasant. “Make ‘em All Die” has very strong, and satirical lines all over it. First verse is commentary on Russian government’s policy on “freedom of speech” online (youtube, vkontakte, etc.). Second verse is about the pointlessness of the existence of the youth of Russia. And the final verse is a rant about violent and unfair treatment of people attending concerts, and how Russian government says that it’s “justified, and police will use any way to resolve even the little situations.”. This verse was all written by another Russian rap-rock-star Noize Mc as the response on violence towards the audience on hip-hop festival “Hip-Hop Mayday”. Overall instrumental on this track is satisfying, and overall production is highly polished in every aspect of track: vocals, guitars, synths, and effects.

Second track under this interlude is “Everything Is Okay”. This track is comment on poor and miserable life of people in Russia.