What is drip?

Jacob Vincent

The first thing you look at other than someone’s physical appearance is how they dress. It might not matter to some but generally it’s an important factor in what people think of that specific person. Again that also didn’t matter to some as well but the influence of style was quite impactful. Why do people wear things a certain way now a days? How did that piece of clothing make such an influence on people? What is the meaning of that piece of clothing? 


These days, the world of fashion has a low bar for entry, and a scrappy generation has thrown in its lot. As fashion and style are democratized, those creating the styles are free to whatever they want, which often means capturing something that’s been lost. The ’90s began a quarter of a century ago, but for the new designer class, it’s the era they grew up in. As a country and as a culture, we’ve gone through the wringer in the last two-and-a-half decades, and all that remains from the ’90s has been altered. But we miss the way the world used to be; not the nuts and bolts of it, but the feeling. Looking back, the promise and prosperity so prevalent in the ’90s seem like ancient history, yet we’ve managed to hold onto them in our own unique ways, dominantly style.


In our generation, and even in other generations, music has a very impactful influence on style. People that favor 90’s music over there own generation, tend to dress a lot more like who they listen to and it’s the same for the other era’s. The influence odds are quite high for that. Also relatable to the fact if your friends wear clothing a certain way, then you are more likely to get with their style. It’s not really about why we wear things a certain way, but more of we wear things because of what we see and like. 


Sports and their player’s fashion has a major role in influence and social media no matter how classy or flashy the style was. No matter what they pulled up in, they’re outfits are revealed and judged upon the people that are seen by them. 


The music artists and shoe collabs are insane and have an insane impact on the modern day style. Travis Scott has 2 collabs with Jordan sneakers. Not too long ago, dropping the Travis Scott Air Jordan 1’s pricing up to nearly $2,000.00 and theTravis Scott Air Jordan 6’s pricing up to $500.00 and many more Air Jordan 4’s and 6’s that price up $4,000.00 and he has sold thousands of pairs. Other music artists have shoe collabs that cost thousands of dollars as well. Not only do artists collab with Jordan but also famous brands such as Dior, that made a collab with Air Jordan 1, that cost $24,000.00. So would you rather get car or get Dior Air Jordan 1’s? Tyler the creator’s style is quite unique and a lot of people hop on. A very skater like look, but still influential.


The big question is what is drip?