Music Motivation

Ruby Bernier

Music has a way of targeting people’s emotions. It can make you sad or happy in just a matter of seconds. Many people listen to music that matches their mood, myself included. Recently, school and life stresses have been making me feel down. But, the music I listen to helps when times are hard.

One major artist that helps me through hard times is Tom Rosenthal, a British musician who isn’t signed to a record label, and thus does everything on his own. This means he can release new songs whenever he pleases. Because he has such creative freedom, this results in his songs having a variety of genres and moods; there’s something for everyone. Some of his deeper, more forlorn tracks include “All of Them Dreams”, “There Isn’t Nothing”, and “Have We Met Before?” Some of Rosenthal’s songs are also funny, showing that not all music has to be serious and you can just have fun with the creation. These songs include titles such as, “Big Pot of Hummus”, “P.A.S.T.A”, and “Swarm Swamp Swim”. With six full length albums and countless singles, listening to his discography will never be boring. His albums all have a unique sound, my personal favorites being his fifth, “Fenn”, and his first, “Keep a Private Room Behind the Shop”. Overall, “Fenn” has more upbeat songs, while “Keep a Private Room Behind the Shop” is generally darker and more serious. These albums can uplift me or inspire me to think deeply, which is a great talent for a songwriter. If you come away from this article listening only to one song of his, I would recommend, “Forgets Slowly”. This song captures the tone of his lyrics while also having his alternative, upbeat characteristics as well. But, no matter what song of his you explore, there’s no wrong option.

A second artist to impact my mood when feeling low is Manchester-born band The 1975. The 1975 has three full length albums with a fourth on the way. They have gained a lot of traction in their career, specifically in the last few years. Their music has evolved to be largely political with their latest releases. Their third album, “A Brief Inquiry to Online Relationships” features single “Love It If We Made It”. This song speaks directly to the current American political and social climate, referencing quotes from Donald Trump and talking about racism. This is not the only political message on the album, however. “I Like America & America Likes Me” directly speaks about gun control and mass shootings in America. As well as talking about politics, this album also touches on the apparent addiction society has to social media. “The Man Who Married a Robot” and “TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME” speak to this, talking about a man addicted to the internet and a relationship corrupted by phone-related jealousy respectively. Many of the band’s songs talk about problems in frontrunner Matty Healy’s personal life as well. “Surrounded by Heads and Bodies” talks about his experience with a woman he met in rehab where he was battling a heroin addiction in 2017. All songs previously mentioned are from the latest album, as these have impacted my life the most in recent months and, in my opinion, have the deepest meanings. That being said, their first and second albums, “The 1975” and “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it” have great songs as well. These include the hits that first brought them fame, like “Chocolate”, “Robbers”, “The Sound”, and “Somebody Else”. With their next album arriving on February 21, now is a great time to listen to their discography to prepare!

While this is certainly not the only music that guide me through hardships, these two artists are definitely the most influential in my life. It’s very necessary for people to have something that keeps them going, especially as teenagers. Music is one of the most beautiful things we have as a society, and I hope everyone finds the music that touches their soul.