Neophyte Serial Killers


Maria Martinez, Health & Relationships Writer

Many Neophyte Serial Killers become what they are– serial killers–for many reasons. Here are a few reasons of how serial killers are formed and some early signs. One of many reasons is that they were tormented, rejected, abused, or abandoned as a child by their birth mother. At school they could of been bullied for not having friends or being “odd”, socially isolated as a child or adolescent. As teenagers they could of been ignored by their peers and had a lot of free time. Some early signs could include obsessesing with animal cruelty, setting things on fire, violent behavior, or bedwetting after a certain age. Serial killers tend to stay out of serious relationships because they fear being rejected once again. Another sign of a serial killer would be a lot of anger that they take out on their victims in order to feel like they have power over something. 


Most of the time, serial killers like to act alone and, if not, they usually act with someone close to them like a family member, a close friend, or a lover. Serial killers often engage in sexual contact with their victims. Why you ask? The reason why they do that is because they are driven by sexual needs or desires to the offender. Sometimes there will be sexual evidence in the crime scene. Psychosis is a rare but effective way in which the unsub is suffering from a mental illness in where they might be having a psychotic breakdown or hallucinating 


An organized serial killer might have a preference in the people he kills. The victims might have something similar in gender, race, appearance, age, or their victims may look like someone that has passed away or betrayed them. Organized serial killers often plan their attacks. First, they get their victim’s attention or may be appealing to their sense of sympathy. After abducting the victim, he usually kills them in one spot and disposes of the body in a completely different area. Serial killers that are organized usually have a high degree of control, strong knowledge in forensics, knows how to cover their tracks very well, follows their crimes on the news. Killing them is like a grand project and they won’t stop until someone catches them.   


Serial killers want to escape reality so they often have fantasies. They may like to believe that they are living their fantasies through their actions of abuse. Because they were abused as a child, they can develop negative traits and increase traits of isolation. These traits include preference for aggression, lying, or even fetish behavior. The killers mind is set on his fantasy world in the real world, and his fantasies begin to grow more.