Being Adventurous and All it’s Glory

John Naranjo, Opinion Writer

 Imagine this a man named Greg having a midlife crisis and is wanting to change his reputation of being lazy and a slob. His friend Laurena suggests that george becomes a more adventurous person and take more risks in life.The meaning of being adventurous is the ability to do something new or being able to ignore the feelings of other people and know the persons limit.. Being adventurous makes your life interesting for not only you, but for the people around you and in your society.While traveling is a very venturesome trait, it’s not the only way to be venturesome.


  I know the majority of adventurous people who want to enjoy the day create and change plans as they go.  If you are the type of person that finds themselves spending most of their evenings alone try making a plan for the day. This helps you visualize all the things you could go out and do in the meantime while you wait.. We often admire main characters in action movies because they aren’t afraid to do what needs to be done. (Greg would often watch these movies with Cinnamon Toast Crunch yum-yum in his tum-tum.) Even riding your bike instead of driving can be adventurous even if you are just trying to avoid traffic. . Adventurous people often, adapt to the changes in life for a fun or productive day. If these people were offered a bill or red pill by a giant sasquatch they would most likely slap the giant beast in the bald head and run the heck away cause “bog fot vary scare”.


   Age is a common  excuse people who aren’t the bold type say to avoid doing things they’re too scared to actually do. . However, no one lives forever and no one wants to be the person that wished he did something with his life.. Just because being average is okay doesn’t mean it’s great.All the things you wanted to do are going to be out of reach if you don’t do them quick enough. When adventurous people and lazy people unite in the afterlife they will exchange their life stories however, only one will have stories to tell. The list can go on and on with the endless possibilities why life should be filled with passion and desire  the lifestyle of an adventurous person. Hiking with a dog or swimming with a brother, no matter what you choose to do it should be an experience thrilling or not. There is no such thing as making a bucket list too early, so hop to it.


  Adventure is not only for travelers, for example a good chef, like Gordan Ramsey, adventures outside of his comfort food and tries exquisite dishes from all around the world. Why not ? There are a plentiful amount of dishes and spices in the world that you may enjoy but, you’ll never know unless you try..  have you eaten escargot before? Don’t pass the opportunity to have a five star meal from France just because you’re not familiar with it,. Eating is an experience; not a chore! Adventurous people know what’s good for them but that doesn’t mean they always know what they know what they want to eat. You have the gift to eat food, don’t settle on the boring. 


The dauntless often find themselves feeling accomplished with their lifestyle and tends to flaunt it. While not everyone is made for this lifestyle and those who aren’t can find the adventuresome obnoxious, remember that most of them probably were once in your shoes and realized that the leisurely lifestyle wasn’t for them. I Example, an english teacher who despises math becoming a math teacher, it just doesn’t add up (pun intended.)


  Want to gain a public following? Try blogging about your bold customs through social media platforms. Nobody likes to see repetitive content, put your creative ways out there for the world to see you. However, fame isn’t the most important thing in the world and it doesn’t suit everyone. 


  To sum it all up, those who want a change and excitement in their life and succeed in making that happen are adventurous. Whether the actions they do are a bit unusual, and I mean street-person weird, or really funny; embrace their actions! Try to follow the footsteps of famous people who were told they could never do anything. Someday, those steps could create a new career plan you will adore for the rest of your working life. Don’t settle with the jobs around the world. Make yourself love the choices made.