US Withdraws from Syria

Jesse Figueroa, News Writer

On October 12th President Donald Trump gave the order to withdraw from a war-torn Syria. This order came as a shock to many, especially to the Kurdish fighters in the region.

Both Republican and Democratic politicians are disagreeing with President Trump’s withdrawal of the U.S. With many politicians seeing this withdrawal as abandoning our Kurdish allies in Syria to Turkey who see these Kurdish fighters as a terrorist group. Although the US is leaving a small force to protect the oilfields in eastern Syria that the Kurdish forces hold.


The Kurdish people are furious about this as many of them they see it as a betrayal from their ally, one Kurdish man was heard shouting “The Americans are running away like rats,” at a U.S army convoy. The withdrawal allowed Turkish forces to clear the Kurdish forces from the Syrian border. After an almost week long cease-fire which was made by Russia allowed Turkey, Syria, along with Russia time to plan out what they will do with the land left behind.

Many of the Kurdish people are fearful of what comes next since the longer have the protection of the U.S from Syirian and Turkish forces as these both Syria and Turkey have a rivalry between the Kurds. Shortly after the withdrawal of U.S forces, Russian military police swooped in and forced the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces),which are mainly comprised of Kurdish people, to retreat down south away from the Syrian-Turkish border since Russia declared that they will patrol and defend the border instead.


Many Kurdish civilians have fled from Syria to Iraq hoping that they’ll be safe from the Turkish-led forces forcing their way into the area causing even more instability in an already unstable region. Many countries want to end the Turkish invasion of Syria with Germany and France wanting to stop the flow of weaponry that Turkey receives, while the U.S wants to impose Sanctions on Turkey. Many people all over the world are protesting in favor of the Kurdish people with protests happening in France, Greece, and Germany. 

Only about 300 troops will stay to help support the SDF to keep their territory, the majority of forces that are leaving are composed of special forces who were there to fight against ISIS influence in Syria. The U.S has been fighting ISIS forces for close to 6 years, so when President Trump tweeted that “We have won against ISIS,” of course, many were very skeptical of President Trump’s announcement especially since he also tweeted “Our boys, our young women, our men — they’re all coming back, and they’re coming back now” this led to many wondering what President Trump will do to bring them back. Illinois Rep. John Shimkus called President Trump’s decision “”terrible and despicable.”in response to the US leaving Kurdish forces to fend for themselves he also believes that “we[US] have just stabbed our allies in the back,”.