H&M’s Debate Over Model’s Hair

Carter Landeros, Opinion Writer

H&M recieved backlash for a professionally taken photo which showed a young girl of color with her natural hair pulled into a ponytail which left many aggravated why her hair was more realistic and accurate.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock of Little Mix decided enough was enough. She took to Instagram sharing the ad responding to the negative feedback. “This beautiful girl gets the opportunity to model for a massive brand and her pictures are circulating all over the internet because her edges were not slicked down. Social media can be so cruel, we must not forget we have a child involved who was probably over the moon that she got chosen for the campaign and parents are exposing their daughter  to something amazing. Her hair is so beautiful as it is and we need to lead by example and teach young girls of color to love their they were born with and to understand how beautiful it is styled or not”.

This is important because she is an African American model showing her natural hair and if it wasn’t a person  of color then it’s a possibility that the photo wouldn’t have received so much backlash. It’s also important because it’s showing young girls of color  to express their natural beauty and not be afraid to do so. Another important factor is that this  little girl was there and got to see this beautiful model fulfill her dreams but instead received negative feedback. The girls parents were most likely thinking of changing their minds due to all of the negative feedback and  don’t want their daughter exposed to hate at such a young age.