Fortnite’s Growing E-Sports Industry

Izzy Torres, Sports Writer

One of the most popular games, Fortnite released back in 2017 and has been a large phenomenon over the past three years. Famous celebrities from around the world have played it. It also created big time celebrities like Ninja and Tfue, two of the biggest Streamers of all time. Epic Games are the ones who created the game and started noticing how good some of these kids were getting at the game and decided to start making little tournaments with small prize pools. The first tournament was called the Summer Skirmish and had a total of 8,000,00 dollars in prize money and lasted for 8 weeks. The winner was 20 year old Austin “Morgausse” Etue. Back in July, they made another tournament called The World Cup and many people wanted to compete in it. The only way you can qualify was by playing a certain amount of games and trying to get as many points as possible. The World Cup also took place in New York City in the Arthur Ashe Stadium. The prize pool for this one was way more bigger with an amount of 30 million dollars. The World Cup was one of the most popular events with an amount of  1.5 million online viewers. The winner was Kyle “Buhga” Giersdorf, who took home 3 million dollars. With only being 16 years old, the kid was announced as the first “World Champion.” Gaming organizations are trying to recruit young people like this because they think they have a lot of potential and want them to be noticed. “Faze Clan” has recruited most of the best players in the world and now has the best team ever.