Utah Jazz Off to a Great Start

Will Snow, Sports Writer

The world comes together every four years to play in the FIBA basketball world cup. It is always an exciting time, you watch players from all over the world compete for their country. This year, it was especially interesting for Jazz fans. This year, the Utah Jazz has 3 players play for their respective countries, and they all flourished.

With Donovan Mitchell blossoming into a superstar and leading Team USA this summer, Joe Ingles being a consistent starter for Australia, and having Rudy Gobert, our reigning defensive player of the year anchoring France up to the championship game. Each player had a lot to learn and grow from the past years 1st round loss at the hands of James Harden and the Houston Rockets, but after a rejuvenating offseason of blockbuster trades and marquee free agent pickups, the Jazz appear ready to contend for this years 2020 NBA championship. 

So, when all is said and done, what has this offseason really meant to this team? With our stars all playing for their countries all summer they have gained new perspectives to bring home to the 801. Mitchell has earned the respect of his peers as he showed out with the United States in the world cup. This past year SLCDUNK.com released an article about Mitchell showing that  has learned how to burden the load all stars carry. In past years his consistency was a problem but he is young and learning. Not many 22 year olds can come into the NBA and transform a team quite like 45 has done the past couple of seasons.

Ingles has become somewhat of a sensation in the basketball social media world. looks like a father of 4 playing pickup at the neighborhood YMCA. He has deceived the NBA for a few years, but after an incredible display of defense and shooting against Paul George and the Oklahoma City Thunder, the world began to take note. He nearly completed the World Cups first ever Triple-Double this year but was 2 rebounds short. And has shown that he will continue to be a building block of this rising dynasty.

Gobert, famous for being underrated, has been robbed of being an all-star for 2 straight years, both of these years he has received All-NBA awards and been a 2 time DPOY, which is almost unheard of. He was the anchow, offensively and defensively for the French national team during the world cup. In the past, Gobert’s offensive potential has raised question marks but if he continues to show advances in his postmoves and midrange we could be looking at a future hall of famer.

There is a lot to be excited about this year Jazz fans– with new faces in new places the NBA is going to be electrifying this year and we are in for a ride. This team is built to play well into the summer and we have the Olympics, along with personal training, to thank. Ingles, Gobert, and Mitchell have been set up for a successful year with the help they’ve been given by the great coaches from team USA, so buy your season tickets soon.