“Chillin” Mouse Found at Fryer in Texas Whataburger!



John Naranjo, News Writter

  When you think of the most yummy food for your tummy, some of you would say, “Burgers are the most superior food,” but what if your burger came with a limb of a fried mouse or “rat” with your side of fries? Well, unfortunately Facebook has done it again with the weird trending news coming into reality. The Bastrop, Texas Whataburger mentioned in the Facebook post had a mouse, with an unknown history of diseases and musk, inside the restaurant on Sunday, September 1st 2019. Good thing people noticed the little critter before it could have been served to anyone. A free meal at Whataburger sounds great, but a piece of mouse on your meal is off-putting for the majority of people. 

A large amount of viewers in the Facebook comment section of the mouse jumping into a fryer post have theorized ideas of how the mouse came inside the place. A very angry customer may have brought a mouse from a petshop and left in the restaurant for payback from a wrong order. This might be the worst thing to do for some payback,but it also seems like a reasonable theory considering the fact that people are more chaotic than ever. A more realistic thought is the mouse may have went in the restaurant from the outside and not by a mad customer.

In the Facebook post, from Brushawn Lewis, a mouse is seen at a Whataburger workstation. Disgusted customers are being told in the background of the video to show a receipt to receive a refund. A female in the video is trying to capture the mouse with her bare hands only to have the mouse scatter off into the nearby fryer. Everyone around is in shock. After the mouse bolts inside the fryer, Lewis jokes,” When it’s cooked, it’ll float to the top,” as an employee tries to turn off the fryer with hesitation and fear. No appearance of fried mouse was shown in the video, but the thought a mouse running into the fryer with its skin crisp and oily gives a basic image of what it could have looked like.

Before the incident, Brushawn was with his best friend’s son going to The University of Texas vs. Louisiana Tech game on Saturday. He decided to visit the Bastrop Whataburger where Brushawn’s cousin, who was also in the restaurant, has seen a mouse in the distance. Brushawn takes out his phone to record this odd day with the mouse. Brushawn believed the employees and the manager didn’t seem like it was really a big deal. These people should be exposed for their actions during the situation.  Are the actions Brushawn has done for facebook fame? Others are thankful that someone posted an incident at a location they may be buying from.

The Whataburger has now been open with an apology post, that has been deleted at this time, exclaiming their actions taken to give people a safe and pest-free eating environment. The Whataburger restaurant has been cleaned and sanitised before opening to prevent legal actions for pursuing in the future.