Neymar’s Transfer “Saga”

Jacob Vincent, Sports Writer

Neymar is the most expensive footballer in football history. He was sold from FC Barcelona, a club in Spain in 2017 to Paris Saint-Germain, a club in France. He was transferred for 222 Million Euros, and since 2017 until this day, he is the most expensive footballer with Kylian Mbappe in second sold from Monaco at a price of 180 Million Euros. The summer of 2019, Neymar tried to force a move back to the Nou Camp but the attempt was a failure. During those times, he was reported as disrespecting the club. Julian Lauren claims, “Neymar doesn’t respect PSG and his teammates and has gone too with his attitude.

Although Neymar wanted to go back to Barcelona, Real Madrid made a huge offer for Neymar. Real Madrid offered 120 Million Euros and Luka Modric. As long as you get your money and Neymar is happily out, it benefits you more because Neymar’s out, you get a little over 50% of what you put in and you get the 2018 Ballon D’or Winner, 2018 Fifa’s Best Winner, 2018 UEFA Player of the Year and 2018 FIFA World Cup Golden Ball winner Modric. PSG denied reports.

Paris claims that Neymar can leave, but it has to benefit them as well because Neymar was sold on a world record fee. Julian Lauren claims, “You cannot make the deal a bargain because he was sold for over 200 Million.” Can you imagine being in that situation? Forcing a move you favor for what you think is better for yourself but the club thinks it will not benefit them, including financially and Ligue 1, Champions League and League Cups. Gary Neville and Paul Scholes once said, “No player is bigger than the club.” Regarding the fact that he is the most expensive footballer in history,could he force his way out?

Many sources also include the facts of Neymar being extremely disrespectful to the Club owner, the club, the coach and his teammates. Reports come from Frank Leboeuf stating, “He does not care about anything that has to do with PSG, he doesn’t respect PSG and his teammates and He has gone too far with his attitude.”“He cannot expect them to welcome him back with open arms because he has completely disrespected them. Other then the Brazilians on the team (Marquinhos and Thiago Silva).” Generally, a lot of the younger French boys, do associate with Neymar pretty heavily. For example, Kimpembe and Kylian Mbappe, boys that are energetic and fun. There are a lot of boys that do not train for 2 weeks or so, and then they just come back when they want to, which is totally unacceptable.If they can benefit the team, which Neymar can most definitely benefit the team, arguably the best player after Messi and Ronaldo, then that player is welcomed back with open arms but the trust left on that player is basically near done.

Neymar’s father, claims that negotiations with Barcelona are not over but Barcelona also claims that they will not go for Neymar in 2020. They won’t go for Neymar because negotiations in 2019 went on for too long and a lot of effort was used. Also saying that the reason why they won’t go for Neymar is because he will be 28 and a half years old and he will have a fixed price tag at 170 Million Euros,” which is too expensive for a 28 year old. Including, “His expectations for his wages are high so everything would cost up to 350 million Euros and that’s not a good deal for a 28 year-old.”