Tanya Trinidad, Opinion Writer

Sexual harassment has been a big problem for many years. Now women have felt like they can speak out and raise awareness because harassment is , not only in the United States, but in many other countries. Many women have now come out about their stories using the #metoo movement.  The #metoo movement has become very popular because it has given a platform to women around the world to share their stories of rape, sexual harassment and gender violence and discrimination. Many women are now speaking out and taking a stand to stop gender violence.

Everyone is joining in into making this an international movement where women all over the world, especially in places were women are being killed for speaking out. Women have been oppressed for so many years and still are being oppressed, especially women of color. Everyone from the beauty industry to politics to even the entertainment industry have not only misrepresented women of color, but also made sure they don’t feel like they are beautiful. No one is speaking about the gender violence women of color and LGBTQ+ women go through. It’s like we’ve been swept under the rug, and we have been for many decade. That silence will end now.

The oppression for women of color has been one of the biggest problems in the United States for decades. For many years, the feminist movement has mostly spoken out on issues surrounding white women in America. White feminism is the label given to feminist efforts and actions that uplift white women but that exclude or otherwise fail to address issues faced by minority groups, especially women of color and LGBTQ+ women. An example of that is actress Rose McGowan, who was one of the celebrated survivors of sexual violence, when the Weinstein story broke out. She suggested that being called a woman was as bad as being called the n-word. This is white feminism at work. White feminism is toxic and it enables systemic and structural racism.

Feminist movements tend to exclude black, brown, indegenous and LGBTQ+ women, and are often whitewashed when brought to mainstream conversations. No one is addressing the lives of many women, like Nia Wilson (18) who was fatally killed by John Lee Cowell (28). Did Nia ever get justice? Was Nia’s story ever told?  No. Why? Because mainstream media is to worried about giving the spotlight to whitewashed feminism. How many more black women and girls must die so that mainstream media considers it a worthy story to cover?

Yeah, Rose McGowan spoke out and called out sexual harassment in Hollywood, and I respect that, because it takes courage, but the n-word should never be used as a basis of comparison. The history behind that word will never compare to anything and shouldn’t be compared to anything, I support feminism and I support women speaking out on their stories, but I do not support Rose McGowan’s idea of feminism.