Review On Glass


Hannah Grine, News Writer

The movie Glass is the third movie in the Unbreakable film series, also known as The
Eastrail 177 Trilogy. Glass was produced, written, and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The first
two movies made were Unbreakable (2000) and Split (2016). On Rotten Tomatoes the average
rating was 3.9/5 and IMDb had an average rating of 7.0/10. Glass was theatrically released on
January 18, 2019, in the United States and Canada by Universal Pictures and in international
territories by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, through their Buena Vista International label.
January 12, 2019, at 25 Alamo Drafthouse Cinema locations.
There has been some controversy about the film saying that James McAvoy’s
character, Kevin Wendell Crumb, was demonizing dissociative identity disorder, aka DID. DID is
a disorder characterized by the presence of two or more distinct personality states.
McAvoy plays about 23 characters including “The Beast”. Essentially, “The Beast” is a
personality of all the animals in the zoo where he had been working. The Beast could climb
seemingly flat walls, bend steel, and be shot by a gun, point blank, and suffer minor damage.
Bruce Willis plays David Dunn, a security guard. In Unbreakable, his character was the
only survivor of a devastating train crash. Dunn has a supernatural ability. If he touches
someone then he can see whether or not they have committed a crime. He also has
unbreakable skin and superhuman strength, much like “The Beast”, although these powers can
be disabled by his fear of water.
Samuel L. Jackson plays Elijah Prince or Mr. Glass, a comic book theorist who has type
1 osteogenesis imperfecta, was revealed to be the man behind the train crash incident that Dunn
survived. Mr. Glass also has incredible smarts and he can figure out how to escape a maximum
security facility.
Anya Taylor-Joy plays Casey Cooke. Cooke Is a teenage girl with a traumatic past, dealing
with self-abuse, and her father’s death. In Split, Cooke was kidnapped by one of Crumb’s identities
to be sacrificed to “The Beast” but she survives. In Glass she has formed a relationship with Crumb
and helps him gain control over “The Beast”
Sarah Paulson plays Dr. Ellie Staple, a psychiatrist specializing in delusions of grandeur.
She treats patients convinced they are superhuman beings. Grandiose delusions, delusions of
grandeur, expansive delusions also known as megalomania are a subtype of delusion that occur in
patients suffering from a wide range of psychiatric diseases, including two-thirds of patients in manic
state of bipolar disorder, half of those with schizophrenia, patients with the grandiose subtype of
delusional disorder, and a substantial portion of those with substance abuse disorders.
M. Night Shyamalan reprises his cameo role of Jai, the security guard from Crumb’s
psychologist’s apartment building in Split, who indicates to David Dunn that he was also the same
man he confronted about selling drugs at the university stadium in Unbreakable.
As of February 10, 2019, Glass has grossed $98.5 million in the United States and Canada,
and $123 million in other territories, for a total worldwide gross of $221.5 million, against a
production budget of $20 million.
M. Night Shyamalan did an incredible job on casting, writing, producing, and directing all of
the movies in this series. Glass was seriously phenomenal. I remember when Split had come out
and my mom and I went to the opening night, it’s a night i’ll never forget. This series of movies is
definitely something you should get invested in. The theories and conspiracies are so fun to fall into.
I recommend this movie to anyone that likes mysteries, thrills, and a little drama.