Dogs Should Be Allowed in School

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Dogs Should Be Allowed in School

Kaitlyn Johnson, Sports Writer

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Dogs should be allowed in schools because they can help students with anxiety,or other problems and makes the school environmelt feel more welcome.

Therapy dogs help with anxiety and they are very helpful when you have an anxiety attack. In an article “service dog certifications,” it says that dogs can help when someone is having an anxiety attack. They help by getting medication, calling for help, and so much more. “Therapy dogs help relieve stress and anxiety along with depression” (Medical News). Dogs are very patient listeners and provide comfort. A study showed at a high school class in California found a 12% boost in reading when kids read to dogs for 30 minutes a week. It was said that when they talked to the dogs they felt as though they were not rushed to finish. Not only that but dogs have also gained popularity at colleges during grueling exam weeks. With their sanity hanging by a thread college students said that having the dogs around to comforts them.

Therapy dogs comfort kids and make the area that they are in more comfortable.

In a shooting in Florida, therapy dogs were used as a way to provide comfort and support returning students that decided to come back. Research had shown that the therapy dogs had reduced the fear that the students felt and made them feel better and less anxious about returning back to the school.  Research shows that using therapy dogs in response to traumatic events can help reduce symptoms of depression and PTSD along with anxiety and panic attacks.

 Some people say that service dogs shouldn’t be allowed in schools. In an article from is said, “When it comes to service dogs, there are some legitimate concerns regarding allergies and fears that some students may have? Even still, service dogs would greatly help schools and their environments. In 2001, for instance, scientists found people with high blood pressure could better control their physiological health during times of stress if they owned a pet. Petting a dog (or any pettable animal, for that matter) can help reduce the body’s production of cortisol — the stress hormone — and increase levels of oxytocin, which promotes feelings of bonding. In the end, service and therapy dogs can greatly affect people’s lives and help them.

Dogs should be allowed in schools because they can help students with anxiety, or other problems and makes the school environment feel more welcome. So in conclusion therapy dogs should very well be allowed in school. They would help relieve a lot of stress students may have, Especially with exams and tests. In conclusion, service dogs are good with anxiety, depression, and stress that kids, adults, or teens may have. Having a therapy dog around would benefit many and they would cause no harm.

So over all therapy dogs and service dogs should be allowed in schools. They help people with anxiety and stress. Having dogs around would make the school feel like a safer environment. Therapy dogs are well trained and behave accordingly. Having therapy dogs in a classroom would be very helpful.