Influential Movies of the 2000’s

News Writer, Cesar Hernandez

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  There have been many movies the past decade that have changed the way movies are made. Not all of them have made the most money or won the most awards, but they’ve influenced the viewer’s expectations of movies to come.

           Avatar, the 2009 movie directed by James Cameron, was a big hit at launch. It had a budget of 300 million dollars. 40% of the film was live action while the 60% was CGI. Cameron designed his own specific cameras that allowed him to use the aspect of 3D to his liking. After the release of the movie, studios started to use 3D and IMAX more often for their movies.

       The superhero movie that started getting Marvel huge popularity was Iron man. The release of the 2008 super hero film launched the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, spanning over 10 years and 18 movies. Iron Man made comic book movies popular again Fans wanted more from Marvel and were excited to see which superhero they were going to do next.

The first book in the beloved Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, made a huge influential impact in the children’s literature genre. It brought back the fantasy and magic books can hold when, at the time of its release, fantasy books were found to be from a past era and not popular anymore. The book made children’s literature big, and it showed that adults can also enjoy books aimed at kids.

            Before 2005, there weren’t many superhero movies that were dark, dramatic, and gritty. That is until the movie directed by Christopher Nolan, Batman Begins, premiered. Before the movie, Batman wasn’t seen as the edgy, brooding superhero he is today. People knew him mostly from the 1960’s TV show starring Adam West. There was a Batman movie in 1989 named “Batman” that took a more serious spin on the character. Batman Begins shows more to Batman’s origins. More than just losing his parents, he has to overcome a psychological barrier. The movie set the basis of what a superhero reboot should be.

           These were only movies in the 2000’s, there are still a plethora of movies from the past century. Many of them influencing the entertainment industry and shaping the ways movies are made today.