The Utes Extend Their 8th Win Streak

The Utes Extend Their 8th Win Streak

Noah Hamula, Head Sports Editor

Utah hosted rival team BYU at home on Saturday night. The Utes were looking to extend their 7 game win streak against the Cougars. While the Utes managed to come out with an emotional win, they were trailing for most of the game. Until the end of the third quarter, it was not looking good for the Utes. BYU was up 13-0 in the first quarter, 20-0 at the half and 27-7 late in the third quarter. So how did the Utes come back?

BYU was beating Utah at everything for most of the game. The Cougars defense wouldn’t let Utah get more than 86 yards in the first half. Utah, known for having one of the best run defenses in the country, just couldn’t stop BYU. The cougars Freshman quarterback Zach Wilson was unstoppable. With 204 yards passing and 74 yards rushing with 2 touchdowns, Wilson was making Utah’s defense look weak. Things were looking pretty grim until Utah finally put up their first points at the end of the third quarter. Julian Blackmon intercepted the ball and ran 27 yards for a touchdown. This finally got the ball rolling for the Utes.

In the final 16 minutes of the game, Utah managed to score 8 touchdowns in a row to defeat their rival. Redshirt freshman quarterback Jason Shelley had an outstanding performance with 141 yards passing, 61 yards rushing and a touchdown. Armand Shyne also played a huge role in Utah’s comeback with 47 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns.

The Cougars were tough components and were the better team for most of the game, but Utah did what they always do, beat BYU. Now sitting at No. 17, the Utes will face off against No. 10 University of Washington this Friday in the PAC 12 Championship. If the Utes can pull off another win, they will be headed to the Rose Bowl for the first time in the history of Utah Athletics.