Editors Letter: Welcome Back

Editors Letter: Welcome Back

Mason Thomas and Meya Smith

From Mason Thomas

Welcome back Leopards for another great school year. We are looking forward to make this year better than last year by adding more features to our journalism staff. This year we are going to be introducing a whole new look towards the Newspaper. The first major change we are going to be adding is getting another chief. This year is the first year we are going to have two Co-editor in chiefs. Meya Smith and I are going to work side by side to make our great newspaper. This is my first year being the chief, but in recent years I have been the Sports head editor and am looking forward to this opportunity. Another major change we will be adding this year is we will be presenting a main theme. The content areas will be publishing about it regularly. This years theme will be truth. It’ll have different sections that will be written about every time we publish.
The biggest addition to our staff is that this new year we will have many new students that we are going to be welcoming to our team. This will help us by getting a better knowledge of everyone’s opinion. Just like our Student Government, our teachers, the administration, and even our fellow students, were trying to create a welcoming environment throughout the school. How will we create this environment throughout East? We will begin this ongoing process of creating a welcoming environment by having a social media account which we will be posting often, welcoming everyone who is interested in journalism, and continuing to pursue the truth. Get ready for our first published on October 16th. Have a great year Leopards and enjoy.


From Meya Smith 

Welcome back, Leopards! This year, we will be introducing you to many fresh-faced journalists who have strong voices and are excited to bring you the information you desire. After attending the Utah High School Future of Journalism Awards and witnessing a few of the other inspiring works from other high schools, we have decided to bring a new perspective to our articles. This year, we are introducing a theme of Truth. So be on the lookout for our Special Editions coming from all of our reporters. Another change coming this year, journalism will now have two Editors-In-Chief. I am thrilled to be working with Mason Thomas as Co-Editor and can’t wait to see what we accomplish after three years of being in journalism together.

I would like to thank our content editors this year for their perseverance through the hard work that is to come, the journalism reporters for their unique and insightful articles that are on their way, as well as Mrs. Wilson-Steffes. Mrs. Wilson, thank you for your endless hard work and care for our team, and congratulations on the wedding!

I wish you all a great year, because it’s always good to be a leopard.