Is Baker Mayfield the new Face of the Cleveland Browns? Is he the Final Step of the Process?


Mason Thomas, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The Cleveland browns held the longest losing streak in NFL history. The streak lasted 635 days without a single victory (win) throughout the regular season. The last time they won, was against the San Diego chargers which was before they moved their franchise to LA. But all of that changed on September 9 2018. The Browns were facing the Jets, —with 1:42 remaining in the first half, rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield (2017 Heisman Trophy Winner) strode onto the field, making his NFL regular-season debut with his team trailing 14-0. Some 67,000 Cleveland fans didn’t know what to think about the decision of the head coach. That quickly changed when he led the team to a 21-17 Victory. The Browns General Manager decided to change Baker Mayfield to the starting QB. The Browns nation had high hopes that they would be able to make a playoff a appearance which they haven’t since 2002. They lost in week four to the Oakland Raiders 45-42 in overtime. Even though they lost Baker, still amazed the football fanatics across the nation by his performance considering he’s just a rookie quarterback. He threw for 295 yards while landing two touchdowns on top of it.The next week they faced the Baltimore Ravens in Cleveland. They beat the Ravens 12-9, in overtime for the second win of the season. This win bumped them up 3rd in the AFC North with a record of 2-2-1.

The rapid question that is going around is, Will the 2018 Cleveland Browns make the playoffs? Baker Mayfield believes so. He is planning on changing the face of the Cleveland Browns. “We’re starting to change the culture around here” -Baker Mayfield. It isn’t just Baker that thinks this, he is backed up with the entire Cleveland organization. They think they have a shot at making the Playoffs. The entire team has stepped up to keep up with their new leader, Baker. Their Wide Receiver Jarvis Landry, who leads the Browns with 29 receptions and 381 yards, notched his 427th career reception in Sunday’s third quarter, giving him the most for a player in his first five NFL seasons. He passed his idol, Larry Fitzgerald, to achieve the mark, which stands at 429 and counting as the Browns prepare for Sunday’s showdown with the Chargers. Another contribution that can help push the Browns to make the playoffs is their outstanding defense. One of the most promising things that the Cleveland Browns showed during the preseason was how good the starting defense can be. Throughout all four of the preseason games, the Browns first-team defense was creating plenty of problems for the opposing offense, including shutting out the Philadelphia Eagles. It was obvious last season that Cleveland had one of the best front sevens in all of football, and needed a better secondary in order to show off their talents. The Browns front office spent a lot money this off-season trying to rebuild a secondary that was constantly getting picked apart in 2017. After these improvements were made, they shocked the Pittsburgh Steelers starting veteran QB, Ben Roethlisberger. “This may be the best defense we play all year” Roethlisberger on the Browns after week one tie. Roethlisberger’s comment echoes the thoughts of many Browns fans, saying that Cleveland’s defense has the potential to be one of the best defenses in the league this year. This may be the year that the Browns make a comeback in the league and make an appearance in the 2018 NFL playoffs. Baker Mayfield might just be the leader the Browns have been looking for all of these years.

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