Utah Legalizing Marijuana

Sariah Williams, New Writter

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The legalization of medical marijuana is a big issue in the United States. There are thirty
states that have legalized medical marijuana and nine states that have recreational marijuana
use. Utah could potentially be the thirty first state legalizing medical marijuana, according to
Utah proposition two, elections will be held November 6, 2018. This is a problem when it comes
to Utah because of the power the LDS church holds within the state. With the Mormon (LDS)
church opposing proposition two, medical patients have a very unlikely chance of the
proposition going through.
This means that those who are in need for medical marijuana will still struggle with
obtaining marijuana for their medical condition. Medical marijuana can treat or reduce muscle
pains/spasms, cancer, epilepsy, STD’s or AIDS, mental illnesses, Alzheimer’s diseases, breathing
problems, nausea, and several more. Most of the people who are struggling with theses
illnesses require to take prescription opioids or pills to help treat them. Some prescription
opioids are more harmful rather than helpful; the problem with opioids is many people have
overdosed or a doctor’s note has mistakenly prescribed them the wrong dosage. “But the

status of opiate drugs being prescription painkillers not against legal or religious code may
make abuse easier to rationalize—even for the most devout Mormon church-goers.” said James
Ott, in an article on Red Willow Therapy. Many people suffer from opioid addiction and it’s
becoming a big epidemic, but medical marijuana can be a treatment.
In Utah the Mormon (LDS) church is primarily dominate and holds a strong influence in
government issues.  “And while the faith is calling on its members to vote against Prop 2,
several of them say they still support legalizing marijuana in Utah.” said Taylor W. Anderson, in
an article by Salt Lake Tribune. With their influence proposition 2 is more likely to be denied
with them opposing the proposition. The church supports the use of opioids as medical
treatment even though it’s proven to be more addictive and dangerous. Since the church has
such a big impact in Utah with several of LDS members following through with their decision,
the church has been changing their minds about the discussion.
The LDS church were once with proposition two, although they’re now against it, but
even if prop. two went through possession of medical marijuana would have strict laws
allowing possession. Medical marijuana can be a solution to the opioid epidemic and to most
illnesses that are not treatable with opioids even for the fact that opioids are more harmful and
could cause longer lasting health damage.

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