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The Boston Marathon took place on April 16th, 2018. Three waves took place; the wheelchair race, womens, and mens. It began on Main Street in Hopkinton and ended Near the John Hancock Tower in Copley Square. This was the 122nd Boston Marathon, as it started in 1897. It is 26 miles long and it rained for most of the 2018 race, and when it wasn’t raining, there were gusty winds that made it difficult to run. Even in the harsh conditions, the runners were determined to finish what they trained so hard for. What makes the Boston Marathon different from most other marathons is that all the runners had to qualify to be able to run.

After the Boston Bombings occurred during the 2013 run, the city of boston realized they needed to increase security at the event. Officials said that the police presence would be noticeable, but some runners were surprised to see that there were police with sniper rifles on the rooftops of some buildings. This is interesting because even though only two fatalities were reported in the 2013 attacks, the steps taken by officials to ensure safety were very noticeable since there were a lot of big changes which is something that has not happened after all the school shootings across America.

The race consisted of men and women from all around the world. The top three finalists in the mens race were Yuki Kawauchi from Japan, Geoffry Kiru from Kenya, and Shadwrack Biwott from the US. The women were Desiree Linden from the US, Sarah Sellers from the US, and Krista DuChene from Canada. All of these finalists completed the race in under 2 hours and 45 minutes, the fastest being Yuki Kawauchi at 2 hours and 18 minutes.

From the mens wheelchair division, Marcel Hug from Switzerland took first, Ernst Van Dyk took second from South Africa, and Danial Romanchuk from the US took third.

Boston Marathon