Seeing Different View

Seeing Different View

Htoo Htoo, Student Life

The two forms of art taught at East High by East teachers are, visual and performing. Visual arts consists of art that utilizes paint, canvas or various materials to create physical or static art objects. Performing Arts include artists who use their voices or bodies, often in relation to other objects, to convey artistic expression.

Art is everywhere, whether in space or earth, whether human-made them or animal. Art has been around longer than anyone realizes. The oldest works of art could be traced back to 39000 BC.

Teacher: Blair Porter

Area: Visual Arts

Subject: Ceramics

Art is…: “anything beautiful and art is in the eyes of the beholder.”

Art is important because it helps support the academic class in East and having an arts class is more of a problem-solving class then most people realize. If a student is given a project then the student would solve it through a creative way. It gives students time to express their creativity. Porter explains that she loves to see students grow in their art forms and use it day by day and get fantastic on their own. Art classes are fun and it can also become a lifelong hobby bringing joy to the students. Porter decided to teach arts because she had an influential art teacher that pushed her to the path. She knew instantly that she wanted to be an inspiring arts teacher. She teaches ceramics because she finds clay to be fantastic. Clay comes from the earth that is malleable  and can be made into art, but it’s also an art that’s usable and functional. In her class, the students work with clay. The beginning class learns skill and technique on how to work with clay, while the advanced class gets to conceptualize their idea a little bit more with the clay and flexibility with what they’re making.

Teacher: Denna Pence

Area: Visual Arts

Subject: Drawing, Sculpture, Painting, 3D crafts

Art is…: “the visual reflection of our spirit.”

Arts fascinated her because it can be used in a different way to communicate an idea, not just in writing or speaking. It’s argued that students should take art because it helps them understand the process of what it is to create something. They will also understand a lot more about art. One advantage of taking art class is that it will help develop creativity. Art revolved around the world and looking at it from a creative viewpoint has done a lot in the world. For the beginning art, Pence teaches students the basic techniques and once they learn how to use their pencil or paint they started to use some of their own ideas combined with the techniques they’ve learned to create their own original idea. She loves teaching her class because she admired the way her students develop their skill and once they know those skills, how they use them is always so unique. She loves seeing the unique and exciting works of art her students have produced.. She believes if students take art class, they will grow into an adult that has more unique viewpoints  compared to other people who are less artistic..

Teacher: Jennifer McCoy

Area: Visual Arts

Subject: Design and Visual Communication, Commercial and Advertising Art, and Industrial Design

Art is…: “anything man-made or sometimes animal made deliberately or not.”

Art is important because everything that is man-made is first designed by an artist. Art is also a therapy for many people because some people like to doddle to calm themselves and make them feel better. Art mostly helps people to look at the world around them because they learn from observing. McCoy loves teaching art because she always discovers a different and new way to make or look at things. She enjoys seeing people understand how to do a thing and make their own art and taking that with them, not knowing how art will help them in life. She loves working with other people and teaching them the importance of art. Sometimes, students would come to her class thinking they will not able to create art, but after the school year ends they learn art is fun and everyone is capable of creating something. In one of McCoy’s Industrial design classes, students learn that chair, clothing, or anything people used, they were designed by an artist first. She teaches beginning art which includes units where students learn how to draw, paint with watercolor, how to draw in perspective, make art in computer, the image and principle of art, photography and used lettering in an artistic way.

Teacher: Frank Langheinrich

Area: Visual Arts

Subject: Advanced Commercial Photograph

Art is…: “any source of endeavor that is supposed to influence you or inspire you to either become better in your own life or to take some social action.”

Without arts, life is really dreary and it lacks a certain amount of purpose. Art is different and could be defined in many different ways. Art has an infinite amount of ways it could be expressed. Students should take an art class because it will give their life some richness. Arts puts you in a better mood and allows you to better be able to deal with everything else. Arts gives a person a viewpoint that is subjective instead of objective. Langheinrich teaches art because he’s uncoordinated, can’t draw very well, nor paint or sculpt, but a very mechanically oriented person. He claimed himself to be a  kind of a nerdy guy, so the camera, which is very technical and had a lot of physics in it, he can control it in the same way that another artists could control his or her brush. He teaches beginning photography classes and compensation. Photography is for students who might have a hard time developing other art skill.

Teacher: Nicole Numkena

Area: Performing Arts

Subject: Beginning Music Theory, Intermediate and Advance Piano

Art is…: “an effort to create something.”

She believes anything could be art as long as they are expressive. Arts is fascinating because anyone could create their own story. Art is so subjective, making it beautiful. Just like the eyes of the beholder. Students need a form of expression, whether through arts or sports. Not just helping express one feeling, but it also helps provoke thinking outside of the box. Numkena teaches music theory for beginning and intermediate piano. In the beginning music theory, the students learn basic notes, how to read music from different composers, music history, type of instruments, how to analyze music, and anything that could help students understand music. Numkena teaches piano because she had played them ever since she was a little girl and always had a passion for piano. She excelled as a kid and she keeps going through high school, practicing a lot. Pianos were the only thing she truly loves, so she decided to get a degree in it. Numkena wanted to pass her knowledge of playing piano onto her students and hope they will be able to learn to love them as she does. All together, there are 12 keyboards in East High. The piano students do two concerts, a monster concert in fall and a solo debut recital in spring.

Teacher: Sasha Benson

Area: Performing Arts

Subject: Beginning Music Theory, Intermediate and Advanced Piano

Art is…: “an outline of self-expression.”

Art is important because everyone has something to said and arts is a really beautiful way to express the saying. Art is fascinating because it is in the eyes of the beholder. Students should take art classes because it allows a different part of the brain to function and grow. In Bronson’s class, students are able to practice on their own piano. Students then work together to decide a piece they want to play. After finding the piece, they will have to learn the piece and be ready for the time they have to perform. Bronson decided to teach piano because she loves it. She stated she was lucky enough to find something she loves at an earlier age.

Teacher: Tuesday Siciliano

Area: Performing Arts

Subject: Beginning, Int/Adv Dance, Social Dance, Dance Company and Dancey Krew

Art is…: “a way to express yourself on different competitive.”

Art is fascinating because it could be used in many different ways. The advantage of taking art classes is that it allows students to break away from their core classes. Students should take art classes because it allows them to step out of their comfort zone. In the beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes, Siciliano teach students ballet, jazz, hip pop, modern and student choreography. In social dance class, students do a dance with a partner. Dance Company is one of East High’s performing groups and they do all kinds of different styles of dance. Dance Krew is the performing hip-hop group. Siciliano teaches dance classes because she enjoys the choreography her students come up with. In her class, she was able to see students improvement in dance and being able to get out of their comfort zone. She was also able to communicate with each student in a different way, making her feel she is able to understand her students more.

Teacher: Cip Petersen

Area: Performing Arts

Subject: Band, Orchestra, Guitar and Choir

Art is…: “seen as an exploration of aesthetic and beauty.”

Art defines a part of a person’s character. Music is art and music is a way of expressing emotion with intellection. Students should take art class so that they could understand more about themselves. Not just themselves, but also the world around them. They will also understand more about the music they’re listening to. For each class Petersen teaches, there an element where students learn how to play the instrument, another element is where they learn what music is. Petersen teaches music because he used to have a band teacher who helped him during a difficult time. At that moment he knew he wanted to be someone who helps other and be something like his band teacher. There is 12 performing group in the music department. There are drumlan, band, mariachi, sax and quartet strings, strings of a quartet, flute on an ensemble, flute choir, orchestra, madrigal, jazz band, advanced orchestra, bell choir and guitar, who will be planning on making their own group.

Teacher: Kevin McClellan

Area: Performing Arts

Subject: Theater and  Stagecraft

Art is…: “creative problem solving for the purpose of communication.”

Experience art makes a person feel wanted be parts of the arts. McClellan beginning theater class usually do acting, but sometimes they do playwrights as well. In the intermediate ./and advanced class they do acting and the all aspect of all theater, such as direction, writing and making up a play. The musical produce class is where students produce the school play and musical. Stage Crew is where the technology realm, where anything that makes the production run. The Crew is also in charge of taking care of anything in the whole auditory. The students should take an art class because it will help them become a better problem solver. McClellan decided to teach theater, musical producer, and stage crew because he dreams of teaching them ever since he was a little boy. He remembers being five years old and thinking life in the theater and film are so much better than reality. He also loves school, therefore, he decided to combine both of the things he loves the most together. All high school students have a need to have a social interaction, a need to achieve, need to express themselves and be seen by other people.

East High had many arts class, with wonderful teachers whose love to see students improve. Arts classes help relieve stress and take one away from their hard and difficult course classes. Not just that, but it help students become creative, even if they thought they never had one. Arts classes are for all students.