2018 NFL Playoffs: The Most Exciting Games of 2018

Mason Thomas, Sports Editor

The 2018 battle for the AFC Conference Championship was between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the defending champs, New England Patriots. This has been the Jaguars first playoff appearance in  20 years  when they were last defeated in the AFC Championship. But, for the Patriots it’s their seventh consecutive AFC championship game appearance.
Jacksonville came into this game with the potential to knock out the number 1 seeded team. The Jaguars showed this by having a 14-3 lead over the Patriots with just minutes left in the 1st half. Tom Brady then threw a touchdown in the last seconds of the first half to make it a one possession game. The Jaguars came back from halftime and held the Patriots from scoring all of the third quarter, with Jacksonville only scoring 3 points. With the game on the line in the 4th quarter, Brady threw for two touchdowns to pass the Jaguars with an score of 24-20 at the end of regulation.
Back in the NFC, it was the number 1 seed Philadelphia Eagles against the number 2 seed Minnesota Vikings. This game  did not end as expected. Minnesota was on the board first at the start of the game with a 25 yard touchdown. After that, the Eagles began to dominate on both sides of the ball. The Eagles finished the game with 35 unanswered points which sent them to the Super Bowl against the defending champs New England Patriots.
When the Eagles entered the playoffs this year, they were called “the Underdogs” for a reason. In week 14, the Eagles MVP candidate and Phenom, young quarterback Carson Wentz left the game early with a season ending ACL tear. However with their spectacular 12-2 record, they already claimed the number one seed and were ready for the playoffs with only 3 games left in the season.  Millions of people doubted the backup quarterback, Nick Foles, on  leading the team to the Superbowl, but he surprisingly did, blowing out each team they played in the playoffs. Their next contender for the super bowl wasn’t a regular team. It was the New England Patriots who are led by one of the greatest Quarterbacks who has ever played the game. He is the man who came back from the 3-24 deficit in last year’s super bowl to win the game.
The Eagles struck first in the 2018 NFL Super Bowl with a field goal which put them up 3-0. The Patriots responded with a additional field goal to tie the game. The pouding defense of the Patriots wasn’t enough to stop the Eagles from scoring and putting them up 9-3 which ended the first quarter. The start of the second quarter, the Eagles added to their score with another touchdown, but missed the 2 point conversion. The Patriots responded by scoring 9 unanswered points with 2 minutes remaining in the first half. With one minute left in the quarter, Foles scored a touchdown to make it 22-12. The second half carried on to go back and forth between the two teams.  shockingly, the backup quarterback Nick Foles kept the Eagles on top for the victory, making it a close game of 41-33. Winning this game brought Philadelphia their first super bowl ring ever. Making it a very surprising and exciting postseason.

2018 Super Bowl