Fall Musical: Le Fantome (The Phantom)


Htoo Htoo, Student Life Writer

For the Fall Musical of 2017, East High Theater students performed “The Phantom,” a show by Maury Yeston and Arthur Kpit based on a book by French author, Gaston Leroux. The plot follows the character, Erik, who plays the Phantom,  as he haunts the Grand Paris Opera House.


To get students excited about watching the show, which was performed November 2-6, the theater students decided to perform half of act one during an assembly that took place during last period on October 31. The act started with a discovery of a dead body  found in Charlotte’s closet, the owner of the Paris Opera House, making the workers in the Opera realize that the House is haunted by a ghost. The scene closed with the Phantom taking Christine Daae, a street singer with a beautiful voice, away from the stage where she was performing to bring her to the underground of the Opera.


However, during the performances on November 2-6 at 7:00. p.m., The Phantom Act began with Christine (performed by Angela Wright) singing and handed out papers on the street. Her beautiful voice attracted Court Phillippe de Chanton’s (performed by Isaac Bates) attention, leading to him offering her a chance to have her voice be trained at the Paris Opera House.


At the Opera House the original owner, Gerard Carriere (performed by Tommy Loveridge), was kicked out and replaced by Charlotte (performed by Emily Kitterer) and her husband, Alain Cholet (performed by Archer Anderson), who both refused to acknowledge the Phantom rules. The rules were simple; the basement is off-limits and the payment to the Phantom is due every month or the show will be canceled. Charlotte didn’t take the rules seriously enough, she sent her dresser to the basement to search for anything of value. When the dresser got to the basement, he saw the Phantom without his mask. In panic, The phantom killed him.


Before leaving, the Opera House, Carriere went to see the Phantom to tell him he could no longer take care of him anymore, however, he was greeted with the sight of Charlotte dresser lying dead next to the Phantom’s feet. Carriere was furious with Phantom for killing him, he leaves him, making Phantom feel unwanted.


The scene shifts to Christine in search of the owner of the Opera House. An assistant was able to lead her to Mr. and Mrs. Cholet. They were planning on kicking her out until Christine shows them the business card of the man who sent her, Phillippe. Charlotte does not want anyone to steal her spotlight so they put her to work as a costume girl instead. Christine was very happy to work at the Opera even if her job was picking dresses for the singers and dancers. Her voice eventually gets heard by the Phantom and he tells her with training, her beautiful voice will improve to perfection. During her time with the Phantom, the Opera was having a big problem. The dresser that Charlotte had sent down to the basement was discovered dead in Charlotte’s closet by the police. The Opera House member came to realize that the Opera was haunted, meanwhile, Christine was ready to sing at the Opera gathering; a place where members of the Opera have the opportunity to showcase his or her voice and become a star.


During the gathering, Count Phillippe de Chanton was looking for Christine because he knew she will be a star one day. Christine wore a pink gown for the contest. Charlotte started off the contest with her song,  however, her voice was horrendous. Which left a spot for Christine to sing. Alain offered her a role as the main character in the play, however, she told her husband to give her the Fairy Queen, the toughest vocal voice to sing. When all the guests left, including Charlotte and her husband, Phillippe sang a song to Christine, confessing his love for her. However, Christine turned him down, telling him it was too soon.


From there, the scene turned to guests entering the Opera House telling each other of the astonishing street girl who was able to play the Fairy Queen. Charlotte visits Christine in her dressing room, giving her a drink and falsely saying it will take her anxiety of singing away. Halfway through Christine’s performance, she started having a throat problem, causing her to lose her singing voice. The audience was furious and started throwing fruit and vegetables at her. The Phantom took her off the stage and dropped the chandelier, killing someone. The first act ends with the police, an opera worker, and Phillippe chasing the Phantom, but not being able to catch him. The second act started with the Phantom on a boat ride with Christine, taking her to the underground of the Opera House, where he lived. When he dropped Christine off, he disappeared to kill Charlotte. Carriere visited Christine to convince her to leave with him and when she refused, he told her the Phantom story of how he came to wear a mask.


The story started when the Phantom’s mother, Belladova (perfomred by Aria Critchley), was a star with the most beautiful voice in the Opera House. The Phantom’s father, Carriere, falls in love with Belladova. When she gets pregnant with the Phantom, he confesses that he’s married. Belladova decided to leave the Opera House to have her baby. When her baby was born, she named him Erik and he had the most monstrous face, but his mother was able to look at him with love, not feeling disgusted or scared. When Carriere first saw the baby, he was worried for he knew the baby will not belong in the outside world. When Erik first saw his own face, he thought he was looking at a sea monster. After Erik’s mom died, Carrier took him to the underground of the Paris Opera House.


After hearing the story, Christine was more determined to stay with Erik because she believed that if his mother was able to look at his face, then she could too.

Up at the Opera House, Erick brought flowers to Charlotte and told her that if she didn’t leave, he would kill her. She refused, so he electrocuted her. After killing Charlotte, Erik went back underground to see Christine where he left her. He woke her up and took her for a picnic where she asked him to reveal his real face. Believing that she will not be afraid, he takes his mask off, but Christine screamed and ran away.

Phillippe finds Christine trapped in her mirror in her dressing room. While attempting to break her out, Carriere shows up and helps get her out. After Christine gets out of the mirror, Erik tries killing them with his sword. He then gets shot by a policeman, but gets away; hiding underneath the stairs. The only person who knew he was there, was Carriere, who lied to the police telling them Erick was not underneath the stairs. After the police were gone, Erik came out and Carriere tells him that he is his father. Erik responds by saying he knew a long time ago, but was waiting for Carrier to tell him. Eric also requests for Carriere to kill him because he doesn’t want to live anymore without Christine’s acception of him.


Erik then runs off to fight Phillippe, while a group of police surrounds them.  Carriere tries to stop Christine from going to Erik who was screaming, it was her fault for running away when Erik took off his mask. Erik was winning the fight, but Carriere shot and killed Erik. Christine runs to his side, telling him how much she loves him and that she shouldn’t have ran away from him. The theater students decided to perform this version of the story because the show included girl power, an interesting love story, laughter, more ensemble participation, tragic backstory, and a twisted ending.The show was directed by Kevin McClellan with the help of the sewing class, who made the costumes.