Reminder From the Editor: You’re So Important

Meya Smith, Editor-in-Chief

Self-esteem is the way a person feels about themselves and what worth they possess. It is an evaluation of ourselves. When we have a low self-esteem, as we are taught in health class, we need to work on improving it so that we allow ourselves to love ourselves.


My theory is that until we are able to love ourselves, and appreciate our own company, we will not be able to accept love from anyone else. We will not be able to believe and trust in the love that others offer us until we ourselves can say we are deserving of love.


When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we tend to search for flaws. We take a microscope to the smallest detail and tell ourselves it is wrong, which then means that you are wrong– you’re entirety of who you are, is wrong. We hear ourselves laugh, a moment of joy, and think to ourselves that it is annoying. It’s too high, too low, too bubbly, too much of something. Which also means, you are wrong.


But our flaws do not make us wrong. They make us imperfect. Why is it we pressure ourselves to reach such an unattainable appearance or personality to the point that we hate ourselves? Why is it so uncomfortable to be in our own skin, live life and be ourselves in all our glory?  Why do people think it is appropriate to tell someone there is something wrong with them?


Because life is not made to be black and  white, there is always going to variation, and that is amazing. Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same type of perfect? We don’t look at flowers and tell them they have to look the same, we try to keep a  wide variety for decoration. Each individual flower is celebrated and admired, but we can’t do that for each other.


It is time to wake up and realize that individuality is not wrong or weird, it is unique and different. Which is not bad. In a world that has so many different  experiences and views, we should recognise in ourselves that we don’t have to be like anyone else to be able to appreciate our separate traits because we are all amazing.  


And so East High, love yourselves. You are more than worthy. Accept love from others, they more than likely mean it.


It’s good to be a leopard.