Sneak Peak of 2017 College Football Playoffs

Mason Thomas, Sports Editor

Columbus, Ohio, home of the eight-time national champions Ohio State Buckeyes. Unfortunately for Urban Meyer and his team, the year “2017” will not be added to their trophy case.


The college football playoff system originated in the 2014 season. The system brings in four programs across the country to compete against each other, with each team playing for the right to be national champions. In years past, the four teams have usually been programs who have won their conference championship. In fact, last year, Alabama head coach, Nick Saban, stated, “Any team that does not win its conference championship game should not play in the title game.” Interestingly enough, this quote described Alabama’s situation in this years playoff hunt. The result? A very disappointed Buckeye team.


The Roll Tide just rolled a little too short this year, and did not make it to the SEC championship game against the Georgia Bulldogs. Instead, the Bulldogs played the Auburn Tigers for the SEC title–who Alabama lost to the week before. With that being the last game of the regular season, and Alabama’s ranking of fifth, tit gave them a little hope that they would be making the 2017 College Football Playoffs If Auburn lost.


In order for Alabama to make the playoffs they needed numerous things to happen. These things include #6 to upset the #2 Auburn Tigers, the #3 Oklahoma Sooners to defeat #11 TCU Horned Frogs, #1 Clemson to beat #7 Miami Hurricanes and the #8 Ohio State Buckeyes to knockout the undefeated #4 Wisconsin Badgers. If all of these things happened, that would give hope for Alabama. Shockingly, it did. With this happening, the debate of ho to choose to make the playoffs: Alabama or Ohio State. There were pros and cons on both sides of this. For Alabama, they had only lost once and that was to Auburn which was the week before. But for Ohio State they lost in week two to the Oklahoma Sooners, then they also lost in week 9 to the Iowa Hawkeyes by a deficit of 31. However, Ohio State defeated the undefeated Badgers in their conference victory.


With the pick of Alabama for the 4th spot in the 2017 College Football Playoffs, it put them to play #1 Clemson tigers. The last time these two teams met was last year in the College Football championship. Clemson defeated the defending champs  by overcoming a blowout early in the fourth and scored 21 points in the final 12 minutes to win the game which ended 35-31. They also faced off in the 2015 season, but that time Alabama defeated the undefeated Tigers. This makes it the third year in a row in which these two teams have met in the playoffs. This game will take place on December 31, News Years Eve, at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. On the other side of the playoffs, the Georgia Bulldogs will take on the Oklahoma Sooners and the Heisman winner QB Baker Mayfield in the Rose Bowl on the same date. This game is predicted to be one of the most action packed games of the 2017 season, mostly because of all of the talent each team has. For the Oklahoma Sooners they have the Heisman winning Quarterback Baker Mayfield who leads the league in passing with more than 4,000 yards and 41 touchdowns. On the other hand,  Georgia’s explosive offense and their pounding defense is a great advantage.


These teams facing off promise an exciting matchup that will be remembered for years.

2017 College Football PLayoffs