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Utah Nurse Gets Arrested for Doing her Job

Kesha Palmer, Hard News Writer

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Alex Wubbels a nurse at the University of Utah hospital was arrested for doing her job. Detective Jeff Payne shoved nurse Wubbels into an unmarked car because she wouldn’t give Payne blood samples. She refused because the patient, William Grey, was in critical condition. Grey  was rushed into the E.R. unconscious after being in a car accident. Nurse Wubbels is legally only allowed to give blood samples if the patient gives consent, the patient is under arrest, or the detective has a warrant. The patient couldn’t give consent due to him not being conscious. Payne told Wubbels that he didn’t have a warrant and that Grey had not been under arrest multiple times. Warrantless blood test were voted illegal in 2016, which could put both Wubbels and Payne’s career in danger.


Wubbels was professional and restrained when she told Payne that she wasn’t allowed to draw blood from a patient in critical condition. She even got in contact with her supervisor and put him on speaker for Jeff Payne to hear their policy once again. Her supervisor even told Payne, “You’re making a big mistake, you are threatening a nurse.” After a while Payne gets mad and accuses Wubbels of interfering with an investigation. Payne then became impatient proclaiming, “We’re done here. We are done. We are done.” Payne proceeded to put Wubbels’ hands behind her back and cuffed her and began shoving her out of the building.


The mayor of Salt Lake, Jackie Biskupski, said, “I extend a personal apology to Ms. Wubbels for what she has been through for simply doing her job”. All of this happened on July 26 in the University of Utah hospital. The other victim in the incident unfortunately died which is why Payne came to get blood samples from Grey to continue the investigation of the case. The entire incident was recorded on an officer body camera. While Jeff was shoving the nurse out she was screaming, “You’re assaulting me,” and, “help me.” In an interview she explained, “I just feel betrayed, I feel angry, I feel a lot of things. And I’m still confused.”


She was released without a charge, but left with the traumatic experience.  Nurse Wubbels tells officers, “I’m just trying to do what I’m supposed to do. That’s all.” In the video she states that she has done nothing and she asks why detective Payne is “so angry”. Salt Lake police chief, Mike Brown, expressed that he found the video alarming. Following the incident, Wubbels and her attorney have met with the city government and the police, but she feels as if there has been a lack of “forward progress”. Wubbels released the video in hopes that it would inspire progression in the case.  Wubbels told CNN that she felt obligated to release the video for anyone else that has gone through something similar

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Utah Nurse Gets Arrested for Doing her Job