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Discovery of Uromys Vika Rat

Ayla Mayo, Hard News Writer

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After seven years of looking for a huge “tree-dwelling rat,” mammalogist Tyrone Larvey and his team finally found the huge rodent called ‘Uromys Vika’ falling out of a tree.


This rat is small, because, well it’s a rat. But sizes can differ on what you are talking about and where it comes from. The Uromys Vika eats mainly nuts but with the hardness of its teeth, my mom says it’s a baby eater as a joke. Hopefully that can give you an idea of what an animal like this could do. There is no conclusions that it eats other things, like a human but it’s also a new rodent that will hopefully be researched.


It may sound small because it’s a rat, but don’t let that fool you. According to Joanna Klien, author of, “The Elusive Giant Coconut-Cracking Rat of the Solomon Islands,” this rat can weigh more that two pounds and as long as one and a half feet! That means it easily outweighs any rat from the U.S.           


This critter likes to live deep within trees that can grow to be thirty feet tall in dense areas. The Uromys Vika gets its food from drilling a hole with its tooth into the Ngali nut and takes out the meat from inside. Imagine what this little thing could do to a human if it tried getting us.


 Because of the history and rarity on this diverse rodent, it is listed as critically endangered and its habitat doesn’t help. The  rodent was buried in a tomb stone but just ten days later, it was brought to Queensland Museum where it is said to stay.  



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Discovery of Uromys Vika Rat