Mass Destruction

Hurricane Irma left destruction in its path. Leaving many places with the terrible aftermath.

Amber Hawkes, Hard News Writer

Hurricane Irma was a devastating storm that lasted several days and hit in places including Florida, Cuba, the Caribbean, and many surrounding areas.


“You’ve had storms this strong,” said Phil Klotzbach, a meteorologist at Colorado State University who specializes in the history of Atlantic tropical cyclones. “But the thing that sets [Irma] apart is she stayed strong for a really long time—and she’s still incredibly strong.”


Hurricane Irma lasted about 8 days, hitting the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and other nearby islands as a category 5. Even after the eye of the storm passed through the islands, rain continued for days flooding homes and leaving many people without food, power and electricity.


Climate change plays a big role in why there have been so many hurricanes in the recent months. Hurricanes are created by using warm moist air over water with wind to form surges and cyclones pushing the storm across the ocean. This can potentially make the storm worse before it gets inland. This was the first year the U.S. had two hurricanes as high as a category 4 in the same year. Hurricane Irma left at least 102 dead, 75 of those in Florida. Homes were left collapsed and crushed by trees resulting in about $120 billion dollars worth of damage in the United States and Caribbean, according to data modelling firm Enki Research.


In Ormond Beach, an 80-bed hospital was evacuated and still is, due to damage. Patients of the hospital have been moved 5 miles away to Florida Memorial Medical Center, in Daytona Beach. High winds hit Miami at 90 mph causing trees to fall over and other damage. People from all over the country have rushed to Florida bringing food and canoes to help survivors. The Ortega River overflowed and flooded Jacksonville’s streets.


“We are in great need of supplies, food and water, and more security,” Taylor told CNN in a Facebook message, adding that she was fearful for her safety. She had heard stories of people being arrested for holding individuals at gunpoint in their homes and looting sports stores and gun shops.


President Trump spoke out about the hurricanes at the memorial ceremony for 9/11 terror attacks saying, “These are storms of catastrophic severity and we are marshaling the full resources of the federal government to help our fellow Americans. When Americans are in need, Americans pull together and we are one country.”


With medical help treating survivors and crews helping clean up damage, survivors and their families should be getting well soon and looking to rebuild their lives. Although many are still mourning loss of loved ones, they are also looking forward to getting back to normal.