The Student Newspaper of East High School


Htoo Htoo, Student Life Writer

Have you ever wondered what happened in the world of Journalism? Nicole Wilson, the journalism teacher at East High defines journalism as, “the production and subsequent distribution of various pieces of news.”  Ms. Wilson started teaching the course at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. Journalism has been part of the East High tradition since 1893. It is extremely important  for the school to have Journalism because having a school newspaper helps students and the school build a community – a place where all students are valid and belong. In the world, it informs people about what is happening, and there could be a lot of people who are affected by what is being reported. The public has the right to realize the danger in the world and/or in their community.

In this rapidly changing world, the accurate reporting of news is more important than ever. News articles that are well written, keep communities around the world informed in their environment, where news is available 24 hours a day. Journalists report on political, war, crime, natural disasters and controversial stories. “The purpose of journalism is not defined by technology, nor by journalists or the techniques they employ. Rather, the principles and purpose of journalism are defined by something more basic: the function news plays in the lives  off people,” writes Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel in the Elements of Journalism.

Learning Journalism is extremely important because it gives teens a chance to build important skills like researching, writing, interviewing and thinking critically. Journalism also gives teens a chance to learn about themselves and their community. East High School perceives Journalism as a major key role for East students’ lives, therefore making Journalism an official elective subject.

Journalism has several roles within the course: the Editor-in-Chief, the Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Editor for each content area and finally the writers for each category. There are six news categories within East High Journalism: Hard News, Sports, Local News, Opinion, Student Life, and Arts and Entertainment. The Assistant helps the Editor-in-Chief review and edit articles. They work side by side with each other in order for the assistant to learn what the duties for the Editor-in-Chief are. After they edit the paper sent by the Editor of each category, they forward them to the teacher, Ms. Wilson.

In the world of Journalism there are many types of writing. The process of learning how journalism works, you start out by analyzing the topic you wish to report about. Reporters only tell a story from fact and information they get, never made up or tell a false story. Whether a fact or information they come across is true or not, it is up to the reporter to find out. At East High, the Journalists learn all of these skills before writing and publishing an article. Taking the Journalism class will look significantly good on a college resume and enhances a person’s writing ability.

There are many advantages from taking Journalism, for example; learning to understand multiple perspectives, cultures, and identities. This area of critical thinking can help in each content area and enable students to become more empathetic towards one another.

“I love to discuss and debate opinion with a foundation of truth—it is also imperative that students learn what bias, truth, and ethical reporting are before experiencing college and the ‘real’ world.” explains Ms. Wilson, “It is one of the best parts of my day, to help students and hear from these amazing kids about their experience and perspective,” when asked why she is teaching journalism. She also adds, “Our team is so wonderfully diverse and creative—their ideas, opinion, and humor make it a true joy to teach.”

“I ended up in journalism, not knowing what I would be doing, however I love the feeling I get when I do research for an article and when I get to writing about it. I love the excitement of reporting about a topic,” explain Kristi Harris, Hard News Editor.

“I really like to write and  give voice to an issue,” quotes Meya Smith,  Editor-in-Chief.

“Journalism gives me the opportunity to express my opinion on an issue,” voices Rosine Nibishaka, writer for opinion.

“I was not able to join creative writing, however I was able to get into journalism. Journalism gives me the opportunity to vocalize my opinion,” express Kayla Lien.

Is is not just within East that journalism is an important subject, Highland High also offer a student newspaper. The Highland High school has four categories: News, Feature, Sports and Opinion. The Highland Rambler view their Journalism as a “student operated newspaper in Salt Lake City, Utah,” and stated their goal as to create and share quality with the students of Highland and Beyond.

East High newspaper always publishes events or articles every quarter.