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Bombing at St. Petersburg Train Station

Mia Girardi, Hard News Writer

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On a Monday afternoon, a bomb detonated in a train station in St. Petersburg, Russia. The explosion occurred in a subway car between the Sennaya Ploshchad and Tekhnologichesky Institut stations. Around 64 passengers were injured, and 14 people were ultimately killed. The train driver, Alexander Kaverin, reacted quickly and continued to the closest station so everyone could evacuate the train as swiftly as possible. Kaverin’s quick thinking saved many lives from further harm. “At that moment there was no question of fear. It was just a question of working, rolling up your sleeves,” Kaverin said. “I just acted according to instructions, because we have instructions worked out especially for such cases. We have had explosions before and I think these instructions are very clever, very correct.”

Another worker from St. Petersburg metro station had also acted efficiently when he spotted a suspicious bag in the station at Vosstaniya Square. The bag he had pointed out, had contained a shrapnel-laden bomb, and he too had protected many people from potential danger. These workers’ actions, while extremely heroic, are how everyone should act in situations like this.

According to passengers, the train cart was full of people and the bomb affected a big majority of them. Two of the passengers were Irina Medyantseva and her daughter Yelena. The pair worked together in their family owned business making dolls. When the blast went off, it was reported that Irina immediately went to cover her daughter. After the explosion, Yelena quickly called her father, Alexander Kaminsky, to inform him on what had happened before she and her mother were taken to the hospital for urgent care. Kaminsky was devastated by this news. ”Catastrophe, I’ve lost my beloved wife,” he wrote.

A majority of the passengers were students traveling to and from classes. The train is a very common way for students to get around.

Mr. Veprentsev was one of the students on the train. He had decided to head home early from his classes, and he boarded the car adjacent to the bomb. When the explosion went off, the door had flown onto him.  “I was shocked. I threw the door away from me and began to crawl through this whole mess,” he said. He mentioned how he had seen dead passengers around him that had screws from the shrapnel bomb sticking out of their heads. Mr. Veprentsev had been admitted into the hospital and was reported to have a concussion, trauma in his chest, and other injuries.

Along with Mr.Veprentsev, Konstantin T. Kolodkin was in the same train car. After the explosion, he had gone to the hospital and was reported with many injuries and concussions. Kolodkin explained the experience as traumatic and terrifying. He is criticizing the security measures of the train station, and how they could have allowed the bomb in.  “I just don’t know how I will be able to go down to use the metro again.”

The suspected bomber was a man from Kyrgyzstan, officials have identified the bomber as Akbarzhon Dzhalilov. Although there isn’t a lot of information as to why Dzhalilov would want to bomb the train car, investigators believe that it was a suicide attack, based on body fragments found on scene. No groups have claimed responsibility for the attack, and there haven’t been any clues about Dzhalilov’s motivation.

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Bombing at St. Petersburg Train Station