End of the Year



Tiare Mitchell, Student Life Editor

As the school year comes to a close students are rushing to turn in last minute assignments and to beg teachers to change their grades. School officially ends on June 2nd and for students it couldn’t come sooner, the teachers may be even more excited about the end of the year. Everyone’s anticipating the much deserved and awaited summer. As the school year ends however, there is still much going on at East. On May 30th there will be a yearbook stomp at 5 to pick up your yearbook sooner and to just have a party while getting some early signatures from friends or teachers done. The official yearbook day is on the last day of school. Students who are graduating will be having rehearsals on June 1st in the morning at 8 and the actual graduation will be later that day at 4, 3:30 is when graduates must be at the Huntsman Center.

Despite it being the end of the year there’s still many events happening at school just to send off the students with a bang and to hopefully lead into a summer filled with fun. As a parting message for students those who are transitioning from high school to college as well as the ones moving up in their high school years, make everything count. School in general is a pain and full of stress, but it’s good to take a step back and look at all you’ve accomplished with what you’ve done and be proud of your work and the things that you feel you’ve achieved. Life doesn’t really get any easier, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it to its’ fullest potential. Good luck in everything that you do and be proud of what you can do.