Tiare Mitchell, Student Life Editor

Wallets seem to be getting emptier and people are waking up with sore bodies and headaches, all due to a night filled with lights, dancing, and overall partying. East high had their Junior Prom on April 22nd from 8-10:30 at the Infinity Event Center. The theme was “Dancing in the Moonlight” for this year’s Junior Prom.

Throughout the entire world prom has been known as a big deal, especially here in the United States. Prom is generally held towards the end of the year and generally mixes both seniors and juniors to call it junior/senior prom or JS prom. Prom is considered one of the most important life events to high school students and can be even compared to an event such as a wedding. To some, prom is even a preparatory stage for a wedding where girls go to see what colors and dresses look best on them. In the U.S prom has what is called a prom court where a prom king and queen will be named who are generally from the senior class and those from the junior class can be honorably mentioned with the prom court. To be named prom king or queen is a title that holds a lot of popularity power to it as most would figure due to it being based on student vote.

Back when proms were first introduced they were known as a teens first for things, such as taking out the family care or dressing up in formal attire for the first time. However, there were many controversies and problems when it was introduced back in the 1920’s. Prom had strict rules of society’s interpretation of gender roles at the time and would force students to comply with these standards. This completely limited a students’ ability to express their true identity or sexual orientation. Today the U.S. has had a few incidents of controversy concerning society’s norm. At one school for instance there were fliers hung around the school that depicted what a girl should be wearing to prom despite what she felt of herself. Due to these controversial incidents there are also events very similar to prom such as adult proms where adults typically go and alcohol is served. There is also queer prom and MORP which is prom backwards as a sort of “anti-prom” where it’s not as formal as prom typically is. However, even if there is controversy prom is still considered the highlight of a teenagers experience in high school. After prom there is also after-parties that would generally happen with anything that people wouldn’t want to end. In Egypt, after-prom parties can last until about four or five in the morning.

East’s Junior Prom was amazing and full of light and good times. Waters and sodas were served in the back by a closet where you could hang your coats or put your purses away for safekeeping while you got down on the dance floor. Seats were arranged around the dance floor where you could simply sit if you had danced a little too hard during one of the songs. Music was blaring and lights were flashing the entire time at the dance and from my personal experience, it was pretty fantastic. Everyone was dressed in wonderful dresses or suits and most students couldn’t help but smile the entire night.

Once prom was over you could feel the kind of disappointment you get when you don’t want to leave your dog or cat home alone, however, for some the party didn’t end and they simply continued to party the night away in their own fashion. All in all junior prom was a spectacular night for most where they got to see their friends in beautiful dresses or suits and took pictures to remember the night.

Senior prom is still in the process of setting a date, time, and place to be held, but some would say that it’s going to be even better than junior prom.

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