Spirit Week


Htoo Htoo, Students Life Writer

March 27th to the 31st was East High’s Spirit Week for 2017. Spirit Week is for all East High School students to celebrate East school pride by participating in various activities. This year, the celebration included a week for all East High students to dress up as the theme posted on the small gym wall, near the boy’s second floor bathroom. Monday was Muscle Day. Students were told to wear 80’s workout clothes. If a class wore the Monday theme, they would get a spirit point. The spirit points determine who would win the Spirit Bowl. On Tuesday, the classes were supposed to wear a costume based on the movie they were assigned to. The Seniors had to wear the costume of Spartacus, Juniors had to wear The Jungle Book-themed costumes, Sophomores were Superhero themed and Freshman had to wear Finding Nemo-based outfits. Thursday was Tie-Dye day where students had to wear tie-dyed clothing. Friday was food day, where a food truck came and students could buy food.

On Wednesday, the Spirit Bowl commenced. Each class was also assigned colors to wear. Freshmen had to wear yellow, Sophomores wore white, and Juniors wore black, while Seniors wore red. The Spirit Bowl was held in the big gym. The first activity was the relay race, which, ultimately, the juniors won. After the relay race, the Dance Krew performed. There were many games after Dance Krew performed. Freshmen won the tug-of-war, Sophomores won the Make-A-Wish kid donations, while seniors won the rounds of bubble soccer, Slurpee slurp, and the lip syncing. The seniors of course, won the Spirit Bowl. There was also a dodgeball game; but it was the teachers playing against the students, and the students won.

The purpose of the spirit week was to get students enthused and supportive of the school. The week also serve to get students involved, working cooperatively and united on a common goal of promoting the school.