The Truth Behind The Movie “Get Out”

Perla Equihua, Art and Entertainment Writer

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“‘Get Out’” has been a successful Mystery/Thriller to hit the theater recently. The movie grossed the $100 million mark, bringing a total of $111 million against their  $4.5 million budget. The movie is about a young interracial couple who visit the girl’s parents, Dean and Missy, and their estate.

Throughout the whole movie there are some crucial racial issues that are happening all around us in reality. It all starts when Rose Armitage (Chris’ girlfriend),  and Chris hit a deer while they are driving. Chris goes back and checks if its okay; this shows that Chris cares and Rose doesn’t, proving that she isn’t as nice as we thought from the first few scenes. We see that the Armitage’s gate of their house displays the  omega symbols in Greek; it means “the end” so that can mean the end for Chris.

There’s a scene where Chris, goes into this place called, “The Sunken Place.”  He arrives there quickly and without noticing. After Chris entered the Sunken Place, he is paralyzed, leaving Chris unable to escape the situation. For some people of color, a life with financial difficulty and/or incarceration can feel like a endless cycle, paralyzing anyone who dreams of more.

In an interview Daniel Kaluuya, the actor who plays Chris, was asked how he felt filming the scene, and what it meant for him, “… that’s how being black sometimes feels like…You can be paralyzed all day and you can’t…there’s nothing worse than that. And that’s what black people are going through every day. Now. And so, that’s what really was important to me, to express that.” People all around us are going through this and we don’t do anything to help or we don’t think twice to ask how their day is going.

“Get Out” was originally released January 24,2017,  during the Sundance Film Festival. The movie was released in major theaters on February 24 in the United States. “Get Out” is going to be released on Blu-ray and DVD May 23,2017 and available on iTunes and Amazon May 9,2017.




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