Conference Finals


Per Kaw, Sports writer

The two teams that remain on the West are the Warriors, the number one seed, and the Spurs, the number two seed. The series is lead by the Warriors with a 1-0 lead. Some fans weren’t  happy with game 1 and some were furious like Gregg Popovich. As the Spurs held a 23 point lead during the 3rd quarter, Kawhi Leonard took a step back jumper that would injure his ankle. As he took the shot, Zaza Pachulia, as some would say, injured Kawhi. His intention may or may not be on purpose, but Pops went off at him and now Zaza is being sued. He has also hired body guards at his house because of tweets on his social media. Do you think the results would be different if Kawhi Leonard hadn’t got injured? Kawhi Leonard played a big role during the postseason and was an all star.

The Celtics got the win for game 3 at the Land because of a clutch shot by Avery Bradley. The Cavaliers now lead the series by 2-1. Lebron James only made 11 shots and it’s his worst performance at home court advantage. As the Cavs were up by 21 points in 3rd quarter, people were already saying that they were going to win. Then the Celtics start making some threes; 7 of those were from Marcus Smart, who was playing his heart out. He led the Celtics with 27 points while Kyrie led the Cavaliers with 28. We now have a competitive match between these two great teams. Isaiah Thomas will be out for the rest of the playoff. Do the Celtics have a better chance of winning without Isaiah Thomas?