NBA – 2017 Semifinals


Per Kaw, Sports writer

NBA Semifinals

The 2nd round of the NBA Finals are here and teams have been eliminated or have advanced to win the championship. Your brackets may have not been right and probably has changed seeing the results of the the first round. Let’s take a look at what has happened so far.

As the Warriors soar past the Blazers, they face another challenge, the Utah Jazz. Members of the Warriors wanted to play the Clippers instead of the Jazz because “There’s no nightlife in Utah”. The Jazz will give the Warriors a hard time because they are a versatile team that have hard defense which can make the Dubs worrying. They’ve played 3 games in the postseason, and during that time, the Warriors won 2 games out of 3. That’s probably why they wanted to go against the Clippers, because they wanted to dodge a bullet. The Jazz isn’t getting the attention or hype that they deserve just because they aren’t a big team.

The Houston Rockets are doing amazing this year in the post-season and playoffs. Their team dominated the Thunders and now are about to dominate the Spurs. They played against each other on May 1st and the Rockets murdered the Spurs by 27 points. The reason why they are such a good team is because they have an outstanding offensive lineup. They are packed with shooters like Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson. They also have Lou Williams and James Harden to help strengthen the offense. Not to mention, their defense has strengthened because of players like Patrick Beverly, Trevor Ariza, Nene Hilario, and Clint Capela. The team is looking good, but the Spurs are also looking good. Kawhi Leonard, or the Claw, is having an amazing year. He had an injury, but will be playing game 6. I think both teams are capable of winning.

The rivalry between the Cavs and Raps is pretty much in the hands of Cleveland. They will most likely sweep the Raptors and advance to the finals. Whatever team Lebron James is on, they’ll most likely have a chance of making it to the playoffs. They currently lead the series by 2-0 and it’s not looking good for the Raptors. Kyle Lowry might have interest in playing for the 76ers; I think they should go for Kyle because he is a great point guard and can help recruit other free agents, but for the Raptors, they should rebuild.

The Boston and Wizards series is looking very competitive and exciting to watch. Both teams are battling, but only one will win. Some think the Wizards will win because they’ve took two games out of 4 and in both games, they blew out the Celtics while the two games the Celtics won, were close games that either resulted in OT or were a 12 point game. Although many shouldn’t be surprised if the Celtics win the series and take on the Cavaliers.