Utah Woman Drowns After Saving her 2 Dogs


Neil Porras

On April 23rd Liudmilla Feldman and her husband were visiting some trails by Tanner park walking their 2 dogs. The dogs were close to the creek enjoying themselfs, until one dog got to close to the rushing water and got carried away; the other dog quickly reacted and jumped in to help also getting sweeped away. The couple panicked and ran down the side of the creek keeping their dogs in sight.


Both Liudmilla and her husband dove into the creek once it hit a clearing and desperately raced towards the dogs. At this point, people had started gathering around helplessly watching as the older couple tried rescuing their dogs.


“So I was coming down walking my dog and I saw a lady getting carried down by the rapids going around and around,” said witness Giovanni Bardelli.


Liudmilla’s husband realised that his wife was nowhere to be seen after taking the still breathings dogs out of the water. The other witnesses searched and found her lower down the creek underwater, having her foot stuck under a tree stump. They pulled her out of the water and had a witness, Jared Gonzales performed CPR.


“By the time I got there, she was completely passed out, she was starting to look purple,” said witness Jared Gonzalez. “It really is scary seeing somebody lying there not breathing. It really is an experience you can’t put into words.”


Police said the woman was underwater for more than 90 seconds. She was pronounced dead at the scene. “This creek runs quick, with the runoff it’s starting to run really fast,” Officer McConkey said.


The woman’s husband did survive. The dogs are also expected to be OK.